The keys to the meeting in which the continuity of Umtiti was defined

A few days ago there was a meeting requested by Samuel Umtiti with club representatives. The president attended Laporta, the vice president And you and Mateu alemany, soccer director. The Frenchman wanted to explain his reasons for wanting to continue despite the club’s intention for him to leave and for not having surgery in these three years in which he has been suffering from knee problems, since shortly before the 2018 World Cup that France won.

In the meeting there were moments of certain tension since the wills were divergent: Umtiti had the priority to continue and fulfill his contract until 2023 and Barça preferred that he leave for sporting reasons (it is not a priority for Ronald Koeman) and economic (his high record being a footballer called to play little or not to play).

His tense relationship with the club’s medical services was also discussed at this meeting of the player with the Barça leadership, his reasons for not undergoing surgery (he preferred to prioritize conservative treatments), how he feels now physically, about the parameters of performance that he himself manages and that speak of a total recovery, of a medical report of the Dr. Cugat which endorses the good condition of his knee … It is true that the Barça club’s sports rectors were about to leave but they have also experienced Barça’s preseason and the efforts of Umtiti for convincing Koeman and that he has not suffered any setback in the form of injury.

The French player did not close the band to go out on loan or transferred but he wanted a competitive project and so far none of the club proposals that have come to Barça have convinced him.

Now the club already admits that he will not come out in this summer market and that he will be given opportunities during the current season given his good physical condition. Umtiti knows that it is not a priority for Ronald Koeman but she wants to have the opportunity to convince him that he can do his best again. It remains to be seen whether or not it succeeds until the next winter market arrives.

Predisposed to get off the card

On the other hand, the Frenchman is also willing to lower his winnings, in line with other players such as Gerard Piqué and Jordi Alba, who have agreed to reduce part of their direct income (the club speaks of 25 percent) and defer the collection of another part of the same. From the player’s environment, it is recalled that previously Umtiti He was already one of the players who deferred the most money to help the club, also given his special situation generated by his physical problems.