The head of the physios does not accept the relocation and leaves Barcelona

Juanjo Brau was the first casualty of the first team after the arrival of Xavi Hernández to Barcelona. The head of physiotherapy learned, on the same Monday that Xavi was presented at the Camp Nou in praise of crowds, that the club had decided to do without his services. It was the football director, Mateu Alemany, who told him personally that he was ceasing to exercise his duties in the first team, although he clarified that the idea was to relocate him to another department.

That same afternoon, the head of medical services, Ramon Canal, met with Brau to seek a solution to his case. The idea was for him to occupy a position of responsibility separate from football and professional sections, but the physiotherapist was not convinced by any of the alternatives and asked for a time of reflection.

As well, as AS has learned, the head of the Barcelona physiotherapists has finally decided to leave the club, so I would be negotiating the terms of an agreed exit right now. Brau considers that he has other challenges in his career to undertake and that these do not go through FC Barcelona now.

In this way, Brau says goodbye to a long stint of almost 24 years at the club, mainly in the first team, where he has been for the last 18 years.

The other physiotherapist who has fallen from the first team, Xavi Linde, in principle has agreed to continue in the club and right now they are looking for a relocation for him.

Who does not follow either is the physical trainer of the first team, Albert Roca, nor the head of the physical preparation, Joan Ramon Tarrago. The former is no longer in the club, while the latter has resigned, according to AS, although the club has asked him to hold out until January to find him a replacement. The future of the other physical trainer, Jaume Bartrés, is still up in the air. that he has also left the first team, but that a solution is being sought within the club.

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The head of the physios does not accept the relocation and leaves Barcelona