The harsh warning that Hirving Lozano launched and shook all of Mexico

Hirving Lozano issued a strong warning and the repercussions in Mexico were not long in coming.

Hirving Lozano has returned to the ring after recovering from the severe injury he received during the Gold Cup in the match with Trinidad and Tobago. The Mexican player received a blow to his face which earned him 40 stitches, leaving him out of the competition.

In the midst of all the recovery process that he had to face, the player was supported more than ever by his family, especially by his wife Ana Obregón who does everything he needs and more to be well.

While she has not reported since, she has made a touching gesture to the player. In complete silence, she chose to change her profile photo on Instagram and has placed one where she can be seen with Hirving Lozano and her two children. In this way, Ana Obregón wanted to make it clear to the world that they are now more united than never and that is what a talented Mexican player needs: the affection of his loved ones so as not to get down and, in addition, to be able to recover as soon as possible.

Beyond the unconditional support he is receiving from his family, Hirving is very aware of everything that is said about him. This is how different false profiles began to circulate on social networks, where they pretended to be him to speak directly to his followers.

Attentive to all that, Chucky Lozano decided to break the secrecy and launch a harsh warning on his Instagram account, where he made it clear that this is his only profile and that he has no other active social networks. In this way, he seeks to prevent the circulation of fake news from profiles that are not his and that promise to release information that is not real.

As expected, the repercussions were not long in coming, especially to Mexico where he accumulates most of his followers. Many of them have fallen into the trap set by those who created fake profiles of Hirving Lozano on other social networks. After having read the harsh warning that the player launched on his official profile, everyone began to delete the fake accounts to prevent content or information that is not true from being disseminated.

In this way, the player made sure he did not have to deal with fake content and, likewise, added new followers to his real account.