The harsh criticism of Amado Guevara after falling to Jamaica: ‘Putting on the shirt of the National Team is something sacred and you don’t see that joy’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

The Honduras national team suffered a severe blow to his aspirations to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022, then what to fall 0-2 in view of Jamaica in the Olympic stadium and stay in the last place of the classification.

After what happened, a panorama that is not expected, the former captain and coach, Amado Guevara, made an analysis of what happened and what comes to the Honduran squad.

“See the national team that way it hurt. There are so many things to talk about, but we are feeling very sad and hurt. You have to do a deep analysis, where the team and where the players fall “.

One of the aspects that worries “Lobo” Guevara the most is the emotional part that the Honduran squad showed. “Today I see the boys and it’s not themThey are players who have more to give away in all aspects: physical, emotional, but today there are so many questions that remain. It is easy to point and say the teacher, the federation; It is the easiest, but what do we solve ?. Hopefully the Commissioners will make an analysis that will serve as lesson for all “.

And he also took the opportunity to compare what was done by other teams. “There are other selections that with fewer resources, but with work they look different. I can mention El Salvador, Panama and unfortunately the reality is that. We would like to change, but the reality is that we are the last of an octagonal, where expectations were different. A teacher taught me that football, if you give it good accounts, pays you, but otherwise it charges you “.

The approach shown by Coito is one of the aspects that did not seem to Guevara, who considered that many variants have been made in the same parties.

“Today began with the typical 1-4-3-2-1, where you see a flat team, without a group, slow pace and what worried me most was seeing a team hit and we are not getting up from Sunday’s coup or from the draw against Costa Rica. “

And I add. “With the change of Kevin (Álvarez) we went to 4-4-4, then Andy went to the second row, but on the left. It called my attention that he had started from the right side, the right hand wheel and then from the left. What can you say about that? “

In regards to the exit of Coito. “That of the teacher passes into the hands of the Federation and Selection Commission, I don’t know if they will endorse it as they have been doing, they are the ones who manage and make the decisions. That is the feeling of all and you do not see a team that is enjoying what you do. Putting on the shirt of the National Team is something sacred and you don’t see that joy, the faces are tense; this is very difficult. “

Amado Guevara confessed that. “Today I woke up in triumph and I did not doubt that we could lose, or draw, but honestly, the general performance of the team against a Jamaica that brings a complete plan and with that surpasses you and at home.”

About the mathematics that are handled. “In a direct way they distance us, but the playoff is there. How nice is this football that the repechage you are going to fight it with the two teams that you are going to face in this next window. It is in us to be able to take advantage of it and the federatives must have the maturity to know what is coming “.

And closed saying. “The direct flight has been lost because they take seven points from you and even if there are 24 at stake, it is already difficult seeing the North American teams, but with five from Panama and three from Costa Rica you can get into the fight for the playoffs” .