The gifts that each Liga MX team would like to receive this Christmas

ESPN imagines the best gift that every Mexican football team could receive from Santa Claus

Christmas is the perfect date to receive gifts and on the MX League, the 18 teams are attentive to know what Santa Claus brought them, and although wishes are not always fulfilled, at ESPN Digital we leave you gifts that would be perfect and would like to receive each national football club.

Chivas – New mentality without indiscipline

The rojiblanco team had a bad time last year in sports and in the scandals around the team, so the best that can happen to them for 2022 is a year in peace and without the directive clarifying the indiscipline of its players, so a renewed mentality and concentration would be the ideal for the elements of the Guadalajara squad.

Cruz Azul and León – New Stadium

With projects in the pipeline, both teams urge a new venue for their respective hobbies. The Machine plays at the Estadio Azteca, home of América, so its fans do not want to share a home with one of its greatest sporting rivals. Although alternatives have been sought in Mexico City to bring a new venue, there is still nothing concrete.

On the other hand, León announced the construction of his new house and showed virtual plans. He even held a groundbreaking event; however, ESPN Digital found that there is nothing on the designated grounds and that, to date, there is no construction work. In this way, the new house of the Esmeraldas would be good news.

Pumas – investment of a company

The auriazules have suffered a lot due to the null investment of capital for reinforcements, and it is that the business system they have, under a patronage, complicates the flow of capital to be significant as in other clubsThat is why it would be ideal for a company to enter with money and support the team, even if that means separating from UNAM.

America – Have a ’10’ at the club level

The last player to wear this number is no longer in the squad, as it was Sebastián Córdova and now he is with the Tigres. That is why the fans want a player who is up to the challenge of having said number, such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco or Salvador Cabañas.

Mazatlán FC – Fight the league

Mazatlecos do not know what the honeys of being in the final phase are, and it is that the Sinaloan team has not classified in its short history to said straight of the championship, so they want, either via playoffs or directly, to sneak into the top eight teams to fight for the title.

Querétaro – Points to forget percentage

Los Gallos Blancos are picking up their pace under the command of Leonardo Ramos, but they still have problems with points and they urgently need to get out of the bottom of the percentage table. to avoid paying a millionaire fine that could frustrate the sports project they have.

Pachuca – Let it work in the new Alonso-Almada project

Iván Alonso and Guillermo Almada joined as sports director and technical director, respectively, so the goal for the Tuzos is that these two characters can create a synergy that provides good sporting results in the short and medium term.

Tijuana – Win more than three games this tournament

The frontiersmen had a bad time the last tournament and barely won three games in 17 dates. They even had to change the coach in the middle of it and it was Sebastián Méndez who gave two of the three triumphs, which came on the 16th and 17th dates of the tournament that ended, so now they want to pick up the pace and finally add more of three victories.

Atlas – Fight Liguillas in a row

Los Rojinegros found the formula to be champions after 70 years of drought. With Diego Cocca at the helm, they have already lived two leagues in a row and want to continue to fight, for the third consecutive time, the Mexican soccer title and thus continue to consecrate a sports project that began in August 2020.

Atlético San Luis – Let Sambueza lead them to the league

The potosinos took, in this transfer market, one of the best players in Liga MXTherefore, Rubens, with the responsibility of having the 10 on his back, must carry the team to guide them to the league and reflect the investment of Atlético de Madrid in the Mexican team.

FC Juárez – Let the Ferretti formula work

The ‘Tuca’ missed his second league in a row in the last seven years after a 2021 that led him to leave Tigres and arrive with the border for the second part of the year. With the Juarenses he could not qualify in the Apertura 2021 and now the board wants the formula of bringing one of the most winning helmsmen in recent years to work.

Tigres – Let Córdova be Gignac’s assistant

The felines took the ’10’ of America and found in Sebastián Córdova one of the main answers so that this tournament that arrives will be more competitiveSo Miguel Herrera wants the Mexican winger to become one of André-Pierre Gignac’s main partners and give him more assists than anyone else on the team.

Monterrey – Have a good Club World Cup

The main objective of Rayados is to transcend in the Club World Cup, same that will be in February. The bad news is that it crosses a FIFA date and the people of Monterrey have several elements of the national team, and not only Mexican, so this edition of the international tournament will be one of their greatest challenges.

Necaxa – Get good foreigners to sell

Los Rayos found the perfect formula to follow a business model that has paid off in recent yearsSo they want to keep finding good foreigners, buy them cheaply, and then make a profit on an expensive sale to other clubs in the league or abroad.

Puebla – Do not disarm Larcamón’s team

The Strip lost Daniel Álvarez and Christian Tabó this tournament and it seems that every six months a key piece escapes Nicolás Larcamón; However, the helmsman of the poblanos finds the formula to compete in a good way, but the hope is that in the following markets they will not disarm the team.

Toluca – Let Leo Fernández give results

The Uruguayan attacker returned to the Devils, who showed his best level with the team towards the Clausura 2020; However, with the cancellation of the tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he returned with Tigres, the owner of his letter, and did not have the same success. Now he returned and must give the results that the board and the fans expect.

Santos – Repeat success with Caixinha

An old acquaintance in the technical direction arrived at the Warriors, and that is that Pedro Caixinha returned to the helm of the Lagunero team and then between 2014 and 2015 he won an MX Cup and a MX LeagueAs well as a Champion of Champions, you will want to repeat the success you had in your first stage with Los de la Laguna.


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The gifts that each Liga MX team would like to receive this Christmas