The Gallos Blancos vs. Chivas stops due to electrical storm in Querétaro

The central judge decided to pause the actions when the score was tied without annotations

QUERETARO – The match between Gallos Blancos and Chivas was stopped for 52 minutes due to the storm that was present at La Corregidora Stadium.

The rain began from the initial whistle, but as the minutes passed it increased in intensity, which is why the referee Luis Enrique Santander determined to send the players to the locker room.

While the match was held, the fans that came to the home of the Queretaro began to call for the resumption of the game with whistles and boos.

After the long wait, both teams were notified that they could return to the field for warm-up exercises and the whistling Luis Enrique Santander resumed the actions almost an hour after the postponement.

During the minutes played in the first half, emotions were scarce and the most dangerous play was carried out by the local squad, with a shot to the crossbar that was very close to overcoming the goalkeeper’s stretch. Chivas, Raúl Gudiño.

This is the third match to be suspended due to atelectrical power, after the start of the 2021 Apertura Tournament, the duel between Juárez and Toluca was stopped due to bad weather at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium, as in matchday three the clash between White Roosters and León, also in La Corregidora.