The figures of Lasarte in Chile for which they should miss Rueda

When Martin Lasarte directed Millonarios, over there in 2007, the journalist Iván Mejía punished the Uruguayan coach with a sudden nickname: Martín ‘Desastre’. 14 years later, thus, as disastrous, the year 2021 can be qualified in the Qualifiers for the Chilean team, directed by Lasarte.

The Uruguayan coach was hired by the ANFP to take over after the departure of Reinaldo Rueda, who went on to direct Colombia. Curiously, the coffee coach left Chile with 4 points added in 2020, the same score for which he was called to his country to replace Carlos Queiroz.

But On six dates of the South American qualifiers in 2021, Colombia appears in a playoff spot to Qatar 2022, while Chile is on the verge of failure and to sentence his absence for the second consecutive World Cup.

The thing is Lasarte’s figures are a mess. In 2021, in 6 games, Chile only added 3 points, product of ties with Argentina (1-1), Bolivia (1-1) and Ecuador (0-0); then, they lost to Brazil (0-1), Rueda’s Colombia (3-1) and, recently, Peru (2-0).

In Chile they must miss Rueda, although they criticized him when he was the southern coach. With Reinaldo, Colombia has harvested 10 units, which revived him in the Qualifiers, being the third best performing team on the continent this year (Peru also has 10 points in 2021); In addition, the coffee team is undefeated with Reinaldo Rueda Rivera.

And as if that were not enough, Lasarte in six games has scored fewer points than Rueda achieved in 2020 with Chile: 4 in four games. That is to say, of the 7 points of La Roja in the Eliminatory, more than half are thanks to the Reinaldo process.

The Chilean press begins to resign itself and is already asking for Lasarte’s departure. “If the bad results are stretched against Paraguay and Venezuela, their continuity would be unsustainable,” he says. ‘Third’. Both games will be at home, so there is no excuse, Lasarte will have to improve his performance and recover Rueda’s heritage, not end what he had left behind.