The faces of a disaster

La Champions League It took little time to puncture the balloon of the Barcelona. Driven by signings and economic levers, the Catalans believed that this season everything was going to be different, but the truth is that we are barely in October and they already see themselves a foot and a half out of the competition.

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The matches against Inter Milan They have been especially hard. One can assume that he is still not at the level of a club like the Bayern Munichbut the culs could not even imagine that they would not be able to knock down the Italians.

Champions League (Day 4): Summary and goals of Barcelona 3-3 Inter

Wednesday’s meeting was disastrous for Barcelona fans. In a hurry from the first minute, abusing the pitch and with clamorous defensive messes. That appointment and the consequences that will predictably derive from it, puts the focus on several characters. Most for negative aspects, although there is one that saved face.

Ter Stegen

In his line-up this season, the German saved his team on more than one occasion. If not for his success (and sticks), the Barcelona would have ended up conceding another outrageous win in Europeof those that have been falling slowly in recent years.


The most visible face of the disaster. The beginning of the end came with a resounding mistake of his, probably one of the most serious in his entire career. If anyone had reservations about the decision to Xavi to delete him from the team, what happened on Wednesday clears up any doubts.

eric garca

The center-back was having a good start to the season, but he was once again the protagonist of a serious error, which cost his team Lautaro’s goal. Inexplicable concept failure in a central defender of a team like Barcelona. He gives arguments to those who want him out of Bara and the national team.


He is key in Xavi’s scheme and, probably, he has the level to continue being the head of Bara’s midfield in the League. Everything gets complicated when we talk about Europe. There you see him suffer much more. It also influences that in matches like the one against Inter, Bara forgets about his supposed game proposal, in which Busquets shines, and throws himself headfirst into a street runner.


The youth squad made a great match. Of the few that can be saved from the Barça burning. He has the ability to know how to interpret what the team needs at all times. When it’s his turn to roll up his sleeves and go down into the mud to work defense, he’s the first to do it. He made a huge physical display to be able to stand up to the Italians.

It is missing that more is lavished in attack. Last season he seemed to have offensive plays more in mind. He should appear more in the rival area, taking into account the overflow and hitting of him.

Xavi: “Last year we didn’t make it, this year it was our mistakes”


Disastrous performance of the French. Revolutionized and hell-bent on making bad decisions. He brushed the ejection a couple of times and swelled to lose unnecessary balls. He didn’t see Ansu Fati alone in a counterattack either, determined to finish the plays. He doesn’t seem qualified to be the leader the Bara needs.


Even he couldn’t prevent disaster despite the bestiality of the match he made. His competitive level – also in Europe – is well above the team’s average. This year he lives in the first person the nightmare that in the past he saw from outside. That the team is no longer out of the Champions League is due to, but it looks like it’s a matter of time.


Willful, he went from less to more. One of the most drinkable of the team. The comparison with Dembl is inevitable and there the Brazilian comes out on top. He knows how to make much better decisions and he doesn’t go as fast.


The man from Egar is largely responsible for the current situation the team is experiencing. Last year he had the excuse of taking the reins too late. This course they have made him a template to his liking, he has taken money from where there was none to bring him world-class signings. It is true that at the most important moment of the course, a plague of injuries has forced him to play behind with the same as always. Yes, but it is also that the soccer proposal of his team has already been several games far from what was promised. The bara It is not that recognizable team with the ball, although it has improved a lot in pressure after losing.

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The faces of a disaster