The draw against Sweden puts the focus on eight internationals

The match before Sweden put the focus on several footballers of the Selection for the following matches. In the search for solutions to convert the generated occasions, there may be change of players in the team. There were players who they were marked positively and negatively.

In view of Poland It is expected that Luis Enrique make changes on the team and own names that arise as possible novelties, in performance function that they had against Sweden, of the eleven of next Saturday are the following:

Thiago Alcantara put one march more to the center of the field when he occupied the pivot post. His minutes were positive in that demarcation. Rodri should give a step forward in this Eurocup and show that you can take the Helm of the National Team as he does in Guardiola’s City.

Pablo Sarabia put the mordant that the attack demanded. He pulled out precise centers and attacked tight spaces with conviction and success. His contribution was higher than Ferran torres and him it was necessary to convert the occasion clear that he had, in which he hesitated between controlling and finishing, in an action that with PSG he has converted.

Shield / Flag Spain

Gerard Moreno He went out hungry to the field and somehow revolutionized the attack. He gave the feeling that he was going to score the winning goal and he had it, but his header came off centered. The Villarreal striker, Spanish top scorer of the season, cries out for ownership, but not for Morata, but next to Morata.

Pedri it went from more to less. There was a time when it looked like he had run out of gas but he went back and in the last stretch, found your site and sought the rival goal by associating with Jordi Alba, what was a dagger in the left band and he got good centers almost every time. It remains the question if he will give him the physique to face rivals with greater physical power of him.

Marcos Llorente played a good game, although where he performed best was three quarters of a field forward, evidencing that a lot of potential of this player is lost when playing winger. Theirs would be that will play indoors because his performance would increase, but Luis Enrique does not seem for the work of removing him from the side.