The double blunder of Enzo Pérez and David Martínez that cost River Plate the Estudiantes goal

The curious action in La Plata, on date 19 of the Professional League

River plate seemed to have controlled Students at the start of the second half of a fundamental meeting for the future of the Professional League. He was still savoring the goal of Robert Rojas in the epilogue of the initial stage and he was looking to hammer the victory in a difficult redoubt like the Jorge Luis Hirschi stadium. However, the leader of the First Division championship gave the homeowner 1-1 with a double error that paid dearly.

Six minutes of the complement were played when Enzo Perez He sought to leave the siege on the right side with a hat that came out impeccable. But when the ball went down to his boots, even though he had time and field in his favor, he was quick to reject. And he did it with a blunder, leaving the ball near the area.

Your partner David martinez came to the rescue. The nationalized Paraguayan central jumped to clear, but his header was imperfect, and He left the ball to Gustavo Del Prete, who took full advantage of the double blunder: he yielded directly to the entrance of Leandro Díaz, who defined with fairness to sign the 1-1.

Until then (and later as well), Franco Armani had managed to ward off the offensive attempts of those led by Ricardo Zielinski. But Leandro Díaz, face to face with the goalkeeper, taking advantage of the two facilities, was too much.

The unfortunate action generated the annoyance of the technical director Marcelo Gallardo, who regretted how, in a close match, a mistake led to the equality of his adversary. And it turned out to be a mole for Enzo Pérez’s game, which had been very interesting, both as a central midfielder or taking a step back, joining the trio of centrals, to clean the start and offer his timing. Same concept for Martínez, always important to drive from technique and anticipation against unattainable forwards like Del Prete and Díaz.

Thus, the Band stopped the streak of consecutive victories in eight and, although it maintains a considerable advantage of seven units at the top, it saw how Talleres de Córdoba, the shooting guard, approached it.


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The double blunder of Enzo Pérez and David Martínez that cost River Plate the Estudiantes goal