The discussion heated up after the Mexico-Honduras: ‘I’m good mothers if you get angry with me’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Jose Ramon Fernandez, one of the most influential sports journalists in Mexico, was annoyed in full debate with Jared borgetti, the one that for years was the top scorer of the Mexican team.

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In the program Spicy Soccer, Jared scoffed that the “mighty” Canada that tied him to Mexico at Aztec stadium could not score a goal Jamaica, which is last place in the tie.

“He drew 0-0 with Jamaica, oh, how good that he added many points. Against Mexico they all play in one way and now it turns out that the great team of Canada cannot score a goal against the Jamaicans,” said Borgetti.

Then Joserra replied: “Don’t detract from the Canadians who do enough with playing soccer” and with that he asked Jared to ‘be serious’ in the debate they were having.

Seconds often passed, they had another run-in, now with the Panama selection as the protagonist after his historic triumph against USA at Rommel Fernandez.

“This Panamanian team has improved. Today it takes advantage at home and I think it will enter the World Cup with this Concacaf format,” he said. Jared Borgetti.

“Please, Jared, with Mexico, Canada and the United States, let’s be serious about Panama being in the World Cup,” replied Don. José Ramón Fernández.

Borgetti was upset with Joserra telling him that he lives to demerit everything that has to do with Mexican soccer. Immediately afterwards, José Ramón resorted to a somewhat risque phrase.

“So you know much more about soccer than everyone else, tell us. You praise everything that the United States and Canada do, but everything that Mexico does is wrong, you complain about what Mexico does in soccer, so who goes to the World Cup, tell us, “said Borgetti.

“Do not be angry, obviously Mexico will be in the World Cup with the United States and Canada. Do not be angry although it is worth mothers if you get angry with me. I remind you that Panama will have to play in Mexico, Canada and the United States, so you know “, closed the conversation José Ramón Fernández.