The details of the scam that Cristiano Ronaldo suffered for more than three years: the shocking figure and the other injured figures

CR7 scored 4 goals in 3 games since his return to Manchester United (Reuters / John Sibley)

Not all are roses for Cristiano Ronaldo who enjoys a great return to Manchester United where he scored three goals in four games. In the last hours bad news arrived from his country. It was learned that the Portuguese gunner was the victim of a million-dollar scam for more than three years, although the perpetrator of the crime was captured, tried and convicted.

As reported by the newspaper Newspaper from Portugal, CR7 was scammed for more than three years by an employee of a travel agency, who had their card numbers and their respective security codes. The police investigation showed that this practice was carried out between February 2007 and July 2010, and that he booked more than 200 trips that Cristiano never made.

In total, the amount of the scam amounts to 288 thousand euros (USD 360 thousand). As the Lusitanian newspaper indicates, the scammer used small amounts, but many amounts to reach a large number of illicit operations and also to prevent Cristiano from noticing the movement of money. However, those who noticed the fact were other employees of the tourism agency.

To all this, when the perpetrator realized that she could be warned, she also repeated her practice with the representative of CR7, Jorge Mendes and their respective companies (Gestifute and Polaris), and the players Nani and Manuel Fernandes. In total, in their cases, the sum amounts to 350 thousand euros (USD 411 thousand).

The issue took public status now, since the defendant was found guilty in 2017 and sentenced to four and a half years in prison by the court of Porto. The woman who was found guilty of the fact is 53 years old and her sentence is of conditional compliance, as long as she can compensate the owner of the agency with monthly payments to return the amount defrauded, although the amounts of her refunds are unknown. The company would be the one that would have previously fulfilled its part by paying the astronomical amounts to their respective clients.

The article in the Portuguese media clarified that the scammer worked for the Geostar company and had an office at the Gestifute facilities in Porto to manage the movements of the footballers represented by the company and their families. The agent’s mission was to provide personalized and confidential treatment to these special clients.

The novelty came in a great moment of Cristiano in his second stage in The Red Devils where he scored four goals in three games, including the partial draw against him West Ham, a team they later defeated on the last date of the Premier League, where Manchester United is one of the three leaders alongside Chelsea and Liverpool.

In this new stage in English football, CR7 will seek to continue breaking records and at 36 years of age it is shown with a notable validity after its three seasons at Juventus, where it started the season, but then closed its return to Manchester United.