The desperate request of a group of soccer players from Ukraine after the Russian attack: “We don’t know if there will be food”

The desperate request of the Brazilian players of Ukraine’s Dinamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk after the Russian attack

There are moments of tension and desperation in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin will announce the start of a Russian “military operation” in that country. In the midst of fear and uncertainty, there are several who try to escape from the cities, collapsing roads and exits. Others began to take shelter to protect themselves and be together. This is the case of the Brazilian footballers from Shakhtar Donetsk and Dinamo Kiev, who together with their families decided to meet in a hotel in the capital.

From there they launched a desperate request through a video published by the protagonists themselves on their social networks around 11 in the morning in Ukraine.

“Hi guys. The desperation is really great. We are living in chaos. We have the support of our club, but the desperation is agonizing. We expect the support of our country. We speak on behalf of all Brazilians in Ukraine”wrote Marlon, a 26-year-old defender who has played for Shakhtar since this season and in the past wore the Barcelona shirt.

He is the one in charge of speaking in the video that went viral from his official profile on social networks, but which was also replicated by all his colleagues present at the hotel: “Hello guys. We are all gathered, Dinamo and Shakhtar players with our families and we are waiting in a hotel for the whole situation. We are here asking for your help to promote this video due to lack of fuel in the city, closed border, closed airspace, so there is no way for us to leave. We ask for a lot of support from the Government of Brazil, which can help us and I hope it will help us promote this video and reach as many people as possible.”

Then the soccer player gave the space to one of the wives of the group that speaks on behalf of all the families: “We women are with the children and we feel a little abandoned, because we have nothing to do, we don’t know what to do. The news does not reach us except from Brazil and we make an appeal even on behalf of the children. Each one ran from their houses to the hotel, each one with a piece of clothing, we do not know if there will be food, so we wanted to try to ask for help to solve our situation”.

Between soccer players and family members, 19 Brazilian citizens appear in the video who hope that their country will help them in this moment of absolute war tension. Currently, in Shakhtar he militates dodos, Vitao, Marlon, Vinicius Tobias, Ismaly, maycon, Mark Antony, tea, alan patrick, Pedro, david neres and Ferdinand.

There is also the Brazilian attacker Junior Moraeswho plays for Shakhtar and is a nationalized Ukrainian considering that he has been playing in that country for more than a decade, who published a story in your account Instagram to express: “The situation is serious, we are imprisoned in Kiev waiting for a solution to get out! We are inside a hotel, pray for us”.

Uruguayan Carlos De Pena plays for Dynamo Kiev (Reuters)
Uruguayan Carlos De Pena plays for Dynamo Kiev (Reuters)

On the other hand, in the template of the Dynamo Kyiv the 22-year-old attacker appears Vitinho, who arrived in recent weeks after starting at Athletico Paranaense in his country. He also plays there Uruguayan Carlos de Penawho shared a story: “The situation is serious and I am here in Kiev. My family is in Uruguay luckily. I only ask you to pray and everything will be fine if God wants “.

Former Barcelona Marlon also gave an interview to the Catalan media MD to delve into the situation they are going through: “The word is chaos right now. We are protected here at the hotel, but we want solutions. It is a terrible situation, there is fear. We have our families, our children and wives, I also have my mother-in-law, we want to be safe.”.

From the club they are giving us all the support to be able to leave the country as soon as possible. But it is painful, because they are closing the borders and only foreigners can leave. The military and police are controlling it, and they are already on the streets.. The nationals stay here and we will leave many friends behind,” she added.


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The desperate request of a group of soccer players from Ukraine after the Russian attack: “We don’t know if there will be food”