The death of Mino Raiola does not change the ‘Haaland Plan’

The sad passing of Mino Raiola will not affect the Haaland Plan. The strategy for his departure from Borussia has been perfectly designed for a few weeks. It was outlined in a meeting that the agent’s lawyer had, Rafaela Pimenta, with leaders of Madrid, in Monaco, several weeks ago. According to it and as this newspaper has been telling, Haaland is not going to decide his future until he is sure that it is not possible for him to go to Madrid. Therefore, he will wait for the white club to sign Mbappé. As long as it is not like that, he wants to leave the door of the Bernabéu open.

Mino Raiola’s illness, prolonged in time for a few months until his death, has allowed the agent to leave the future of his company well on the way. Big names like his own Haaland, Verratti, Donnarumma, Ibrahimovic, Pogba or De Lligt (joined by a long list) have long contracts with the Raiola’s company, which will continue to function as it did until now and which will be directed, at the express wish of the agent, by the person who has been his trusted lawyer for more than 20 years, Rafaela Pimienta.

By express wish of the agent, Rafaela Pimenta, who will direct the company, will be his trusted lawyer for 20 years.

Rafaela herself was in charge, in many cases except the most iconic for the agent (Balotelli, Ibrahimovic, Pogba) of negotiating the details of the footballers’ contracts with the clubs. She was also in charge of holding the last talks with Madrid. Raiola has been lucid until the last moment, sources very close to him report, and until the last moment he was working (on Thursday morning, he still took several calls from the hospital).

The Haland case.

As AS announced, the Norwegian said yes to Madrid several weeks ago in case the white club wanted to launch the operation. But the truth is that Mbappé’s situation has stopped not only Haaland’s operation, but also that of many other players, such as Lewandowski, who with the decision to leave Bayern this summer (although he has a contract until 2023), sees his dream of wearing the Madrid shirt definitively move away and looks, surprisingly, at Barcelona. There are more teams looking for a striker, such as Chelsea (Lukaku wants to leave), Bayern (if the Pole leaves) and Borussia itself, which has Adeyemi almost closed.

With regard to Mbappé, information arrives that the last visit of the soccer player’s mother to Doha has served for PSG to transfer to his family an offer, the last one, really dizzying. The French crack has not yet made the decision. And the reality is that his lawyers are still discussing the economic terms of the operation with Real Madrid.

Although the contractual terms with the footballer have been tied since last summer, as the situation has changed, the price that Madrid must pay to take, free of contract, the best footballer of the moment is now being discussed. “It is a situation that has never been experienced,” a source familiar with the case tells this newspaper. “The problem is that last summer Madrid was willing to pay PSG 200 million… How much are you willing to pay Mbappé now as a signing bonus? Either way, until the issue of him is resolved, Haaland will continue to wait.

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The death of Mino Raiola does not change the ‘Haaland Plan’