The crying and the tremendous shock of Messi in his farewell

The crying and the tremendous shock of Messi in his

Lionel messi wanted to personally say goodbye to Barcelona. Big time saying i never expected a goodbye well, without people. And that I did not expect it either at this time, when “I had everything arranged.” As counted Ole On Thursday, he was shocked, and he was still moved, as he confessed. up to moments blocked. He started the conference with tears and excitement, acknowledging that he did not know if he was going to be able to speak and that he was blocked. Saw Antonela’s applause and former teammates and also broke down. And he told his truth.

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Tremendous emotion that of 10, that is very close to going to PSG. Pure humility, he said it was the “most difficult” moment of his career, without hesitation. Because this time “there is no revenge, there is no tomorrow.” “A lot of sadness because I have to leave this club that I love and where I didn’t expect it. I never lied and I was always upfront telling the truth. Last year I wanted to go and this year I didn’t, that’s why the sadness “.

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It was noticed in Messi that I was somewhat confused by the attitude of the club and Laporta. “I did everything possible to continue, my contract was never a problem. I did everything possible, Laporta told me that it was not possible for LaLiga but I don’t know. We knew what we had decided and planned to do.”


In several passages of the conference Messi “broke”, who was in charge of making it very clear that he and his family wanted to stay, but that “we are going to get used to the change.” It was 35 minutes of an emotional Sunday, which started with Antonela giving her a tear-down paper. From the “good morning … I was blocked … all this is difficult for me and I was not prepared …” to “tell the truth to these people with whom we grew up together and enjoyed these years “, it was 35 minutes.

That will remain in history as the Catalan noon in which Messi left Barcelona, ​​his home, the club he loves and to which he plans to return one day.


* “I would have liked to say goodbye in a different way. I never imagined otherwise. I would have liked to do it with people, in the field. To be able to hear one last ovation from them. I missed him a lot during the pandemic. I missed having them around. The encouragement. they call my name “.

* “I have to say goodbye to this. All my life here. I arrived when I was very young. After 21 years I’m going with my wife, with three Catalan-Argentines. After being away for a few years we are going to return. I promised my children. “

“A lot of things go through my head, I’m a bit blocked. To this day I do not fall into the reality of leaving this place, this club, of changing my life completely. I’ve been in the first team for 16 years and now it’s time to start from scratch. It is a hard change for my family, because I know what it feels like to be in this city, but I know that we are going to adapt and be fine. You have to accept it and assimilate it, start again. “

* “Sadness, a lot of sadness, because I’m leaving the club that I love. I did not expect it, I was always up front telling the truth. Last year I wanted to go, not this one. Hence the sadness. “

* “It was a bucket of cold water. We didn’t expect it. It was very sad. Hard. We are assimilating it as best we can. When I leave, my token will fall and it will be worse. The important thing is that we are going to be wrapped up in my family and my loved ones. I’m going to keep playing football. “