The cracking of Juanma Castaño to Barça de Laporta

The Asturian journalist Juanma Castaño, who hosts ‘El Partidazo de Cope’ every night, analyzed this November 17 the situation that FC Barcelona is going through. In fact, the communicator was especially harsh in his words on the management of the president of the Barça entity, in this case Joan Laporta.

“This seems like a parody to me. Sign Dani Alves, put 11,000 people in the Camp Nou as if he were a galactic when the real situation is that Barça is ruined, 10 points behind Real Madrid, with a regrettable image in Europe and zero credibility in all markets of the world … party per week with Laporta dying of laughter .. “, he began saying in ‘El Partidazo de Cope’.

“I think they have definitely gone crazy.”

“With an uncle (Dani Alves) who is 38 years old and comes to retire to FC Barcelona, and celebrating how they live as if it were a moment of ecstasy. In a club that a few years ago lived these moments to win the Champions League and play football as practically no one had done in history, “he continued in his speech.

“Now they will give me sticks, perfect, that they are excited (people), but this is to hide the pathetic moment that FC Barcelona and the unfortunate management of Joan Laporta, who became president for putting up a canvas in the capital of Spain and because he was a friend of Messi and he was going to renew him. ”

“They have asked Laporta in Alves’ presentation about whether there is a possibility that players like Messi or Iniesta could return (and he did not rule it out). Is this message normal? Is it serious that the president of Barça launches this message? Really, in which head it fits! The president of Barça, what roadmap does he have? La Masía or recovering Alves, Messi and Iniesta? There are times that I think they have definitely gone crazy “Juanma Castaño added before ending with: “I want to think that in Barcelona people realize that this is bread and circus. What they have done is put up a smoke screen these weeks to forget the situation that Barça has” .

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The cracking of Juanma Castaño to Barça de Laporta