The consequences of the controversy between Cristiano and Coca-Cola

Cristiano Ronaldo is already one of the great figures of this Eurocup, and this has been shown in his first two games, where he has scored three goals, in view of Hungary Y Germany. However, it has also gone viral due to the controversy withdrawal of two bottles of Coca-Cola in the middle of a post-match press conference, giving priority to water.

And it is that the Portuguese crack, in an act of promoting unsweetened beverages, came to provoke Millionaires loses in the multinational company, also generating a controversy that has been commented all over the world. Furthermore, this action has been imitated by other protagonists of the tournament, damaging Coca-Cola advertising.

Now, this gesture by the Juventus forward has caused other firms to take advantage of their opportunity to make a profit, as is the case with Ikea, who has just released a new product.

The ‘Cristiano’ water bottle

The company based in Sweden has just released a simple but attractive product for the general public, and possibly, a complete sales success. Is about a bottle of water reusable with the name of ‘Christian’.

This product is the classic glass bottle that Ikea has always had among its top sellers, and with the name of the Portuguese striker they plan to break the market. It should also be noted its description, which reads that it is a “reusable water bottle only”, thus discarding soft drinks.

This water bottle has only been sighted by the Canada page, where they have announced this new product through their social networks, and the price is Canadian $ 1.99, which would be 1.35 euros To the change. A higher price than the ‘Korken’, as it is called here in Spain, and what does it cost one euro per unit.

Image of the ‘Cristiano’ water bottle.

At the moment it is unknown if this product will reach Spain and other countries of the world or if it will be just a strategy of the Swedish company in Canada and other border territories.