The conditions that Icardi would have put on Wanda to return to PSG

The soap opera Icardi-Wanda does not give truce. When everything pointed to a possible reconciliation between the marriage after the barrage of love posts in social networks by the footballer, the truth is that the Argentine businesswoman continues without forgiving her husband’s alleged disloyalty with the actress and model, China Suarez. This media commotion is also causing the player to miss his commitments with Paris Saint Germain, although he would plan to resume training with his teammates in the coming days.

New controversy

However, Icardi would have put a series of “laughable” conditions on his wife to return to the field of play. It should be remembered that Wanda Nara is, in addition to his wife, his representative so both have commitments with PSG. According to exclusive revelation by the gathering Yanina Latorre in ‘Los Angeles de la Mañana’, the forward would have demanded that his wife close their accounts on social networks, but that first Wanda must publish a photo of the entire family to silence rumors and show that the crisis is nothing more than water in the past. A decision that seems unlikely since Argentina also obtains a large part of its income thanks to its role as an influencer on Instagram where it has almost nine million followers.

The ‘LAM’ collaborator also reveals that Icardi would have asked Wanda Nara not to work anymore: to stop attending events and making productions. The exeption? That the ex of Maxi López only carry out the tasks of representing the PSG footballer. And not only that. The 28-year-old forward also does not want his wife to travel alone in the private plane to make sure she does not fly without him again, as has happened recently that she set out for Milan after learning of the scandal between Icardi and China Suárez.

While it is unknown whether the business media will accept her husband’s requests or not, in the aforementioned Argentine television program they say that Zaira Nara, Wanda’s sister, “is outraged” with the requests of her brother-in-law so far as he is the one who has committed disloyalty within the marriage.