The champion is made of gold

Madrid enjoys enviable health in the sports, economic and image fields. The League-Champions League double that Ancelotti’s team culminated in winning the Decimocuarta increases the value of up to four independent reports published in recent days that place Real Madrid as the most valuable club, whether in the world or in LaLiga, both in business value and in the projection of its image. Although the figures differ, ForbesFootball Benchmark, 2Playbook and Brand Finance are unanimous in their verdict: there is no other club more valuable than Madrid.

The highest appraisal is thrown Forbes. The prestigious financial magazine values ​​the club chaired by Florentino Pérez at 5,100 million dollars (about 4,750 million euros in exchange). An appraisal that has the ability to collect audiovisual rights and their participation in national and international competitions. The publication highlights the recent agreement signed by the club with the investment firm Sixth Street and the stadium manager Legends for the transfer of part of the exploitation of the new Bernabéu. An agreement that will bring the white club 360 million euros over 20 years.

Forbes values ​​the ‘Real Madrid brand’, the club’s potential to generate income from sponsorships, merchandising and other commercial activities beyond the purely sporting at 894 million dollars (831.4 million euros). The Brand Finance consultancy doubles that valuation of the club’s brand and raises it to 1,525 million euros. “Real Madrid is now clearly the dominant brand in the global football business. For four years it has been the most valuable brand thanks mainly to its success in business off the pitch. However, their continued sporting success has doubled their brand, and they are now the strongest brand. Even their rivals recognise, respect and admire Madrid’s reputationHugo Hensley, Head of Sports at the consulting firm, writes in the report. Brand Finance bases its assessment on the analysis of marketing investment, the shareholding structure (the white club belongs to its members) and the club’s profitability.

The most valuable clubs


1 real Madrid 4,743
two Barcelona 4,650
3 Man United 4,278
4 Liverpool 4,139
5 bayern 3,976


1 real Madrid 3,184
two Man United 2,883
3 Barcelona 2,814
4 bayern 2,749
5 Liverpool 2,556


1 real Madrid 3,041.4
two Barcelona 2,890.5
3 Athletic 1,060.7
4 Athletic 442.1
5 Valencia 422.3


1 real Madrid 1,525
two Man City 1,327
3 Barcelona 1,325
4 Liverpool 1,272
5 Man United 1,250

An economic management praised also by Football Benchmark, which last week published The European Elite 2022: Football Clubs’ Valuationthe seventh edition of his annual report on the 32 most valuable clubs in European football. A ranking that, for the fourth consecutive year, is headed by the white club. The platform rates the entity as a whole at 3,184 million euros, 9% more than the previous year. Madrid is the only club that exceeds the barrier of 3,000 million. The valuation of the Madrid entity seems even modest, according to what the sale of Chelsea has revealed. The operation by which Todd Boehly has become the new owner of the club blue It has been closed at around 5,000 million euros, 2.3 times the 2,179 million at which Football Benchmark valued the Stamford Bridge entity. “Real Madrid extends its leadership thanks to its continuous commercial and sporting successes”explains Andrea Sartori, founder and CEO of Football Benchmark. “Admirably, it is one of the few clubs that recorded a net profit in the two years impacted by the pandemic”Sartori adds.

The Football Benchmark report also highlights the opportunities that the redevelopment of the stadium will provide. The new Bernabéu, he predicts, “will give the Madrid club a huge increase in revenue and potentially a comparative advantage over other major European clubs and their historic rival, Barcelona”.

Madrid is also, of course, the leader among the clubs in our country, according to the LaLiga Stock Market report prepared by 2Playbookportal specialized in the sports industry. Its appraisal is in line with that of Football Benchmark and values ​​Madrid at 3,041 million euros. A Madrid champion on the pitch and leader in its business management.

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The champion is made of gold