The Camp Nou will be able to celebrate the Classic with a capacity of 100%

BARCELONA – The Camp Nou will be able to enjoy the Classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid as in its best days after the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonés, announced this Tuesday that as of Friday the football stadiums will recover one hundred percent one hundred of the allowed capacity.

“We recovered 100% of the capacity in cultural events, outdoor sports activities and the hotel industry. We are back to full presence,” explained Aragonés, warning that, yes, “the use of a mask will be essential.”

The announcement of the Catalan president must, of course, be endorsed on Friday by the Procicat, the body on which the decision ultimately depends, although once expressed in the mouth of Aragonés there is full confidence that the measure will be carried out.

The announcement of the Catalan president comes a few days after Joan Laporta asked the Generalitat to reconsider its decision to limit the 60 percent capacity allowed in outdoor sporting events, arguing that in the rest of Spain (except the Basque Country) there is already it was allowed after the agreement of the central government to fill the stadiums.

Aragonés argued the decision of this Tuesday, after the meeting of the Generalitat government committee, in the “improvement of health data in recent weeks”, explaining that for the first time since August 2020 there has been a drop of the hundred seriously hospitalized , leaving the figure in 97 patients in the ICU.

For Barcelona, ​​the announcement is excellent news considering the next three games that must be played in seven days at home at the Camp Nou. On Sunday 17 he will receive Valencia, then he will do the same with Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday 20, in a game as dramatic as it is decisive in his luck in the Champions League and, finally, on October 24 he will receive Real Madrid in the Classic.

The first game in which the subscribers and fans in general to Camp Nou would be allowed unlimited access to the Camp Nou next Sunday against Valencia … Although it remains to be seen if the measure can be carried out by Barça due to that the subscribers who did not take advantage of a payment leave (they did 26 thousand 238) had the option of requesting their entry until Monday.

In this way, it is understood that the club will cancel the measure and leave free entry to the more than 57 thousand members with valid subscription, while the rest must acquire a paid ticket (with a discount) and leaving the tickets for sale to the general public. not purchased by those partners.

When there will no longer be applications, it will be for the match against Dynamo … and against Real Madrid, which after being played behind closed doors last season (with a merengue victory by 1-3) will be able to fill the Barça stadium again as in the visit of December 18, 2019, almost two years ago, when 93,426 fans occupied the Camp Nou in a Classic that ended without goals.