The best start to ‘post-Christianity’

ANDSeerily, five games are not enough to establish definitive premises, especially in modern football, but at least they can indicate a trend. The Real Madrid from Carlo Ancelotti He has four victories and a draw in the first five games of the 21-22 season, which is far from automatically implying successes at the end of the season. But they can serve to lay the foundations for the new course.

In fact, Madrid did not start so well a season from the 17-18, still with Christian in the team and in the first -and very successful- stage of Zidane in front of the bench Bernabeu. So the balance was the same as in this exercise (four wins and a draw), after the tremendous exercise 16-17, the season of the double League-Champions, in which Madrid would not lose a game until mid-January.

Champions League (J1): Inter 0-1 summary Real Madrid

Those times are far away, and more so in recent seasons, starting with the 18-19, with Lopetegui on the bench, which started with defeat in the European Super Cup against Atlético. In the 19-20, again with Zidane, defeat in the fifth game, a painful 3-0 against the PSG at the European premiere. The same happened on 20-21, this time against the Cadiz in League (0-1).

European elite

With this start, Madrid presents one of the best stagings in Europe. A list that leads the Bayern Munich, with six wins and a draw in seven games, and nothing less than 31 goals scored (14 adds Madrid). The PSG has five wins and a draw in six games, for the four and two of the Chelsea. Then appear Madrid and Liverpool (4/1), ahead of Athletic or City.

More goals

Ancelotti’s Madrid 2.0 also improves on its predecessors in the number of goals scored. They are, as we say, 14 in five games, in which there have been two white wins (1-4 to Alavés and 5-2 to Celta) and a tie to three (Raise). Figures that throw an average of 2.8 goals per game. To improve this data you have to go back to the course 16-17, in which the team averaged three targets per shock. In all subsequent seasons the scoring average was lower, touching the ground last season, with 1.4 so many per duel. The current figures double that data and suggest a recovery in the effectiveness figures of the white attack, with Benzema and Vini Jr as most prominent gunners.