The Barcelona shirt, from 55 million

Eduard Romeu, economic vice president of the Barcelona, has ensured that the entity’s objective is to double current revenues and reach 1,500 million in turnover in the next five years. For this, the shirt acquires great relevance.

The vice president has put a price on sponsoring the Barça elastic. It should be remembered that Rakuten contract ends this summer, at the end of the current campaign. The price must exceed 55 million euros of the initial agreement with the brand. “We do not look at the current value, if not the pre (pandemic). Whoever wants to wear the name on the shirt has to pay,” he explained in statements to Tv3.

Whoever wants to wear the name on the shirt has to pay

Eduard Romeu

On the other hand, this Sunday, the Assembly of Compromisarios must give the OK to a credit of maximum 1,500 million to meet the Espai Bara and in which the 500 kilos of the already approved loan of Goldman Sachs. “It is a project that is repaid only with extraordinary income. Not generating extra costs for the club, but providing new resources thanks to the exploitation of space.”

Laporta: “I had the hope that Messi would say that he played for free”

Also, on the same line of Laporta, has not ruled out accepting the fund credit CVC, whenever conditions change and has denied that the economic area vetoed the continuity of Messi. In fact, like the lawyer, I dreamed of the idea that the Argentine would continue in the entity for free.

“I am just as deluded as the president, yes. What he has done is very legitimate Messi, it is no criticism. But, seeing all the inconveniences that they put us and with the effort that the club made, I thought that I could play for free. Why shouldn’t I accept it? The league? It is very legitimate that a player could do this act of affection to a club, to some colors, “he reflected. Romeu.