The altar of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Barcelona dressing room

The altar of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Barcelona dressing room

Can you imagine that in the Real Madrid dressing room they will hang some statements or one news of Leo Messi and that they stayed throughout all season? Well, in the first team dressing room of FC Barcelona in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan gamper is happening Something similar, with one of the most hated and feared players by the Blaugrana of the last decade. We are referring to the current Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, what is Present since several months ago in such a sacrosanct enclosure, without anyone from the club having raised their hands to their heads, in a clearing symptom of normality.

And is that the FC Barcelona ha tapped the image of Cristiano Ronaldo to remind all your players of the dangers of not following the guidelines and the recommendations health services around the coronavirus. “Cristiano returns to test positive in covid 19 and is low against Barça”. This is the owner which is hanging in one of the locker room walls, as an altar, so that everyone is aware that even those who take care of themselves the most and best can also be pandemic victims, so you have to extreme all kinds of precautions. East headline referenced to the league match of the Champions last year that was played on October 28 and that Cristiano could not participate because he had tested positive for covid. In the end the result is of singing clearly for the blaugrana, 0-2, with goals from Dembélé and Messi.

Detail of the news of As hanging in the Barça dressing room.

In addition, it is given the circustance, that the news of Cristiano’s coronavirus positive is the one published by AS in his day: he is headboard printed of our diary in the headline hanging on the wall of the Blaugrana changing room to verify this fact.

Also, in the same informational poster it is remembered that “the competition is at stake“in red letters as well as” the rules are for fulfill them“, in a clear reference to the fact that you cannot lower your guard in any case.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

In fact, it is not the only poster that is on the walls of the enclosure remembering and advising Over the dangers of coronavirus: On the blackboard that presides over the changing room there are also several LaLiga posters where all the preventive safety regulations are recalled, both in Spanish and English.

But evidently the Cristiano information poster is the one more attracts attention players and staff, since not every day your greatest enemy becomes your best ally to avoid falling in the traps of the pandemic.