The ‘Alaba pitch’: nothing like it since Kroos and James

The service sheet of Praise at Real Madrid it turns out almost flawless. Two and a half months after the start of the competition, the brand new white signing has played 13 of the 14 games of the white set between League and Champions. Not only that, he has played all the games in full to sign a balance of the 93% of matches and from 93% of the minutes played. Only its absence in e

l duel before him


last September 12 because of a

muscle overload

prevents his full of disputed commitments in white so far this season. Since the signings of

Kroos and James

in the 14-15 you do not see anything like it in the

Real Madrid

, who rubs his hands with the

‘Alaba hit’

. And it has been a long time since Madrid

he does not get so much out of a signing

From the first moment. Specifically, from the aforementioned of




. In the case of the German, until October of his first season in white he had played

15 matches out of 16 (94%), for a total of 1,185 (82%)

. For its part,


had disputed

the 16 games (100%), for a total of 1,202 minutes (83%)

. Very similar numbers to those of


now and what have you been

out of reach of other signings


Keylor, Courtois, Fede, Mendy, Militao, Vinicius, Rodrygo …

And is that since 14-15 Madrid has had many problems for a

‘consolidation exprs’ of their signings

from the arrival at the white club. He has had them for various reasons, but mainly because of the

great competition

what was in

a team that won four Champions in five years



was a year in the shadow of


. Courtois, Mendy,





four reinforcements that have become ‘titularsimos’

, but it took the four of them more or less time to reach the status of untouchable that looks


From the beginning. The Belgian goalkeeper was for a short time, but

He started sharing the goalkeeper with Navas

. The same happened to the French side with Marcelo in his first bars of white. TO

Vinicius and Militao

It took them considerably longer until their final explosion. As well as




, until having an important role in the team. As it happened at the time with

Lucas and Asensio


The Alaba-Ramos Comparison

At this point it is inevitable

the comparison with Ramos

, what an

has not been able to debut with PSG

because of a

muscle injury

that has him out of combat since the end of July. Some physical problems that

they marked their future in white

already last season and that they opened the door to Alaba.

The ex of the Bayern arrived marked by the figure of Ramos

, with which he was compared from the first moment, more after inheriting the 4 of the former white captain. At this stage,

the Austrian has made Sergio forget

and its performance in both participation and quality is being spectacular. Alaba is the new leader of the white defense and

his goal in the Clsico has finished reaffirming him


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The ‘Alaba pitch’: nothing like it since Kroos and James