The 7 Deadly Sins of Ronald Koeman

ANDl future of Ronald Koeman Hang on a wire. Joan Laporta and the Council meditate what to do with the Barça bench after the last and painful defeat of the team, yesterday against the Benfica on the Champions League. The technician’s continuity was in question, he went from ultimtum to ultimtum, but the fiasco of Lisbon he has just boycotted her.

The former selector orange He is sentenced for different and varied reasons. These are the seven deadly sins of Koeman:

1- Attack on players

The coach has had no qualms about stating, publicly, that the squad has weakened this summer, highlighting that there are young people more committed than some veterans, or pointing out his men after games. He has reproached them: the lack of success in the face of the door, the errors of concentration, little involvement … Last night, in Lisbon I did it again. “We also have to demand more from the footballers. In the first goal, we cannot let the opposing players enter so easily,” he said. “The Bara today is not eight years ago “,I also commented a few days ago. All these reproaches have not liked anything in the locker room.

Koeman: “You have to be realistic, it’s difficult to keep up with very important teams”

2- Change of system and renounce the style of Bara

Koeman the tactical pattern has varied as seen by the party and its men. The 1-4-3-3 has not been untouchable for him, who has also opted for the 1-4-2-3-1 or even a defense of five. Touch, combination and precious football have also disappeared in some encounters. For example, the match against grenade, in which the culs did 54! centers to the area. “There were no footballers for tiki-taka,” defended the Dutchman.

3- Lack of harmony with Laporta

The president and the coach have had a difficult relationship from the beginning. Already in the electoral campaign, the president revealed his doubts, which increased this summer when he considered other options before assuring him that he would sit on the bench. The team’s uneven start to the season and the leaks and the interference of Laporta the differences have increased.

4- Koeman’s defeatism

The coach assures that he is realistic with the team’s ambitions, but his prudence in the objectives has been very badly received in the dressing room and in the Board. “In the Champions League miracles cannot be expected. Finishing a top ranking in the league would be a success, “he said. Koeman a week ago in the reading of statement I made. Hours later, Piqu and Sergi Roberto they assured that they I know they wanted to win it all.

Sergi Roberto: “Here you have to win LaLiga, it is not worth being among the top 4”

5-Be a club man

Ronald Koeman I accepted all the restrictions and limitations of the club due to the financial situation. He understood that he had to sell and make transfers at zero cost. I assumed without defeat the departure of Messi, that of Griezmann, that of Emerson, the salary cut … It has taken on the context despite the fact that these limits have weakened the bloc’s capacity and competitiveness and its chances of success and titles.

Koeman’s dart to Riqui Puig

6- Do not bend to interference

Despite pressure from some leaders, including LaportaOn how he should lead the team, he has stood his ground. For example, he has considered that there are other footballers ahead of Umtiti and Riqui Puig and he has not given them just minutes despite the recommendations to do so from high places …

7- Unsuccessful decisions and bets

The signing of Luuk de Jong It is a personal bet of his and the Dutch attacker is not performing at the expected level in the matches he has played despite the fact that he has given him a lot of confidence and is starting. He has also made questioned sports decisions during games. The last example, his alignment against the Benfica, the bet of Eric as right central central, which he later had to modify, or the relocation of Frenkie de Jong back when he was the one who was prowling the area with the most danger. Odysseas.