The 125 minutes of fury of Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga never forget his first season at Real Madrid. At 19 years old, he is one of the protagonists of the white team. And he is, moreover, being a substitute, which reinforces Ancelotti’s thesis this season. “It’s not so important how you start, but how you finish.” And for the finals of this season, especially those of the Champions League, those that have been played on the wire, always Camavinga.

The Frenchman was a substitute in the three decisive matches against PSG, Chelsea and City. And in the three qualifying rounds he was decisive. MARK three points in each of those games, in which he entered with everything lost and left with his arms raised. Present in the eight goals scored at the Bernabu against PSG, Chelsea and City, there is no doubt that the boy is capable of changing the face of the team.

The great celebration of Real Madrid in the locker room: Camavinga’s unforgettable dance…

It was against PSG where he began his idyll with the Champions. Before the French he entered for nothing more and nothing less than Toni Kroos, who came limping into the duel. And his impact was immediate. He entered in 57 ‘and in 61′ he was already celebrating 1-1. The comeback will end with goals from Karim at 76′ and 78’. Camavinga It was key against PSG and the French pulled their hair out seeing the diamond they had let escape. Let us remember that the player was close to the French team when Madrid appeared on the penultimate day of the market to knock on the door of the French international. The boy, aware that Madrid had been following him for two years, did not think twice. I chose the Santiago Bernabu.

The 125 minutes of fury of Eduardo Camavinga

Before him Chelsea, the same history. Again for Kroos, who did not understand the change. This time he entered the 73rd minute with 0-2 and saw Chelsea make it 0-3 on the next play. He was not impressed with the result and grabbed the handle of the equipment. Rodrygo in 80′ and Benzema in 96′ got Madrid into the semi-finals after extra time.

The madness of Camavinga at the exit of the Bernabu… with half a body out of the car!

The story, even more agonizing, was repeated against City. He entered the field in minute 75 with everything lost and went back to raising the team’s performance. Colossal together with Valverde in defense and creative in attack, the 1-1 play was born from his boots. With your pass to Benzema the comeback of comebacks was born. Again huge, he saw from the grass the three goals that put Madrid in the final.

Total, 125 minutes furious at the Bernabu, counting the extensions, which resulted in a balance of eight goals for and only one against. It was normal that at the end of the game he would receive the congratulations of all his teammates, Ancelotti and that he would end up dancing in the locker room.

It is the Camavinga effect, a player who has fallen on his feet at Real Madrid and with whom the club rubs its hands thinking about the future. 19 years old and a player with immediate performance and infinite projection.

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The 125 minutes of fury of Eduardo Camavinga