The 12 foreign investors of Liga MX

A few hours after starting the Apertura 2021, we introduce you to businessmen from other countries that have influence on Liga MX teams

MEXICO – A group of foreign investors were encouraged to enter Liga MX football, with Necaxa, from the next tournament, and join those already in Mexico with teams such as San Luis, Juárez, Atlas and Saints.

Ernesto Tinajero assigned 50 percent of his shares to a group of foreign investors, who are Sam Porter, Eva Longoria, Mesut Ozil, Victor Oladipo, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander, led by the American Al tylis.

The seven businessmen will inject economic capital into the club, although they will leave control to Ernesto Tinajero, hoping that their investment will pay dividends.

A new era awaits in the Necaxa who plays in Aguascalientes.

In the constitutive act of Atlético San Luis there are more than a dozen partners, but those who have the controlling voice are the Spanish Mario Aragón Santurde, Juan Alberto Marrero and Miguel Ángel Gil, who serve as members of the Type A council and have the ability to make decisions within the Potosí club.

The three Spaniards are directly linked to the Atlético de Madrid and they make the voice of the Spanish team heard in Liga MX.

Greg taylor belongs to the group of investors who claim to be administrators of the Gallos de Querétaro. The British-born businessman has 2,250 shares within the Liga MX team and became famous in the Mexican media because he first worked as a player representative.

Paul L. Foster He appears as one of the owners of the Bravos de Juárez, according to their charter. The businessman is of American origin and his business is related to the sale and purchase of fuels. In 2020, it was estimated that he had a fortune valued at 1.6 billion dollars and is married to Alejandra de la Vega, an official and also owner of the team that plays in Liga MX.

Martin Hollaender He is originally from Denmark and holds the position of Director of Corporate Finance for Grupo Orlegi, owners of Atlas and Santos. He is not an investor, but he has appeared as one of the group’s proxies on more than one occasion. Due to his influence in the group led by Alejandro Irarragorri, he was included in the list.