“That is discrimination”: Sampaoli after the events that occurred last weekend in France

decided to speak out about the scandal that happened in the match between , where a brawl broke out between local fans and sky blue players, which caused the coach and part of his technical command to get involved. The images went around the world and the Argentine ended up being suspended for the next day.

“History has taught us many times that it is not admissible to attack another because he thinks differently or because he has different tastes or because he has a different shirt. That is discrimination, that is fascism. We cannot allow it in life, or in football. There was just a group of people who took over the show. If these people are allowed to own the show, it is a Roman circus. Football is over “, affirmed the ‘Soldatito’.

The strategist also said that for a moment all his teams felt fear, after they had all the fans against them and that the Nice footballers endorsed these disturbances.

“We were afraid, the rival fans attacked our players, the security let that happen twice, some managers and some Nice players not only did not reject it but also applauded it. We entered a field to defend our players because nobody was defending them and we were alone “he explained.

Finally, Sampaoli indicated that it will be the only time he will speak about this extra-sports issue, since he was hired to work in the sports field of Marseille.

“These events happened, which had never happened to me in my career, they are things that really have to end quickly. There can’t be a file hanging around that long. There is a reality, there is a situation, that everyone saw. Nobody can turn a blind eye to this, you have to take direct actions quickly, “he settled.

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