Tecatito Corona rejected Barcelona after his debut 11 years ago

Following the announcement that Lionel Messi will leave BarcelonaIt is inevitable to remember that a Mexican player rejected an offer from the Blaugrana club at the time; is about Jesus “Tecatito” Corona, who shortly after his debut 11 years ago, said ‘no’ to this club of the greats of Europe.

He ruled out an offer from Barcelona. I was at Monterrey and I told him that I had spoken with Zubizarreta, who was then the sports director of Barcelona. It was to play in the first year in the subsidiary, with Eusebio Sacristán, and then he would take steps to the first team. Eusebio knew him well and had everything outlined. But Jesus said no, that he preferred to play in a first team. So we went to Twente, in the Netherlands ”, said the representative of Crown, Matías Bunge, in an interview with the ABC of Seville a few months ago. Now Tecatito could be close to Sevilla.

Tecatito came out of the quarry Striped and debuted with the first team precisely on a day like today, the August 7, 2000, in the Opening of that year. He entered 60 ‘against Atlante on Matchday 3 under the command of Víctor Manuel Vucetich; He was not a starter, but his ability showed it, enough to play the Club World Cup 2012, highlighting in said tournament that served as a showcase in Europe, so he did not report to the royals after the holidays, with the firm idea of ​​going to the Old continent.

However, there was no arrangement and he had to return. The Monterrey as punishment for his indiscipline he sent him to the Sub 20, but he was summoned to Sub 20 world in Turkey in 2013. In that period of time was when he had the offer from Barcelona, but his poster had grown so strong that the interest of the Twente, which dared to pay the release clause of a young promise for five million dollars, a not so high amount for which the directive of those years gave ‘blows on the wall’.

That is why the values ​​that you put to the termination clause are important, because if we had put a higher value on Tecatito’s termination clause, they would have had to come to negotiate, but They considered a suitable price, paid it and took it away“, He said Jorge Urdiales Half-time.

On August 22, 2013, he was booked by Twente from Holland and since August 31, 2015, the Porto was made of their services, becoming the figure of this team and key player in Mexican team.

Why do they call Jesús Corona Tecatito?

Crown was a young promise that in the basic forces of the Monterrey wasted talent and they immediately detected it, but there was a problem for the player to show off with the first team of the Gang: your last name.

Rayados belongs to Femsa and back then White card, of Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, had his advertising on the number, where the player’s surname is also printed, and for marketing purposes, it was inadmissible for Corona to say, the rival brand of the company that owns the Monterrey.

The young promise of the royals could not bear Crown in his uniform, was considered free advertising, hence It began to be called by the name of another beer that was from home: Tecate; but due to the stature of the player, finally the nickname stayed in Tecatito.

It was the DT Victor Manuel Vucetich who baptized with the nickname ‘Tecatito‘ to Crown: “I had to call him Tecatito for obvious reasons, his last name and that he was small, short“.