Tecatito Corona did not even go to the Porto bench and feeds the rumors about his possible departure

Lusitanian press says player’s agent follows negotiations with AC Milan

The pass market in Europe is a few days away from closing and Jesus Manuel Corona He continues without defining his future while waiting to be able to complete his transfer to another club in the Old Continent to continue his career.

In the last weeks Crown has been in the orbit of Milan and Seville to play this season. However, the economic issue has been the main obstacle for both operations due to the fact that the Twente Dutch has the right to a percentage of the operation and no team wants to give up its economic claims, until a few days ago both Italian and Andalusian have put on the table of the Porto 10 and 12 million euros respectively. However, the Dragons have priced it at 17 ‘kilos’ and also want the club that buys from Crown take over the quota that corresponds to Twente.

Just a couple of days ago ESPN was able to confirm that the agent Jesus Crown he was in Milan to try to unlock the negotiation and take the player to the historic Italian club. The negotiations are not easy, but there is confidence that they can come to fruition in the last days. At the moment the talks have not prospered and the Mexican attacker remains under the command of Sergio Coincecao in Porto. However, he was not considered for Saturday’s August 28 game against Arouca and that fuels rumors about a possible exit. From Portugal, what ESPN was able to know is that the fact that it is not considered for this comparison was a mere technical decision given the situation in which the possible movement is found.

What is a reality is that Crown He has until August 31 to complete his signing with a new club. The great advantage that the Mexican has is that he has already received his community passport and would not occupy a foreign place in any of the main European leagues, now it only remains for a group to be encouraged to cover the transfer fee that Porto requests for their federative rights Otherwise, he will have to stay in Portugal to play his sixth season with the Dragons.


According to media from Portugal, Tectatito was left out of the call because the negotiations with the Milan they go slow. TBoth A Bola and O Jogo highlighted that their absence from the game against Arouca was due to the fact that their agent continues to arrange terms with the Italian team.

According Or Jogo, the interest of the Rossoneros is real and what they must fix are the values ​​of the sale, since a percentage belongs to the Twente from Holland. While A Ball He added that if his signing is not closed, it will be after the FIFA date when Sergio Conceicao takes it into account again.