‘Tecatito’ Corona delays his incorporation with the Mexican National Team, to fix his future in Europe

‘Tecatito’ Corona will reach the concentration of the Mexican National Team once it defines its future in European football, for the start of the World Cup qualifying round

Jesus ‘Tecatito’ Corona delays your arrival at the convocation of the Mexican team, because he is fixing his future in football in Europe. The still attacker of Porto de Portugal was summoned for the start of the play off and it is still expected to report in the following days.

Due to the contract time left to the ‘Tecatito ‘Corona With Porto, the Portuguese team has tried to negotiate the Mexican footballer in the current transfer market and that delays his arrival at the concentration of Mexico.

Sources informed ESPN Digital that the attacker did not get on the plane to report with the Tricolor, because he asked permission to define his future and to be able to be calmer in the concentration of the Mexican National Team.

The attacker from Porto de Portugal has been linked to Milan from Italy and Sevilla from Spain, although none of the negotiations have come to fruition so far. At the close of the transfer market, the talented forward is expected to find a new team for the season that is already underway.

For his part, in the Tricolor, Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino prepares the matches against Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama, so Due to the delay, the ‘Tecatito’ would not be for the game against the Jamaicans at the Azteca Stadium.

Until now, the Mexican National Team has dropped to Johan Vasquez, instead he was summoned Julio César ‘Cata’ Domínguez, in addition that the possible absence of Raul Jimenez, who is having trouble leaving England.