Tebas confirms LaLiga’s complaint to PSG in the coming days

The president of the Spanish league considers that operations such as the renewal of Mbappé are outrageous.

the president of The league, Javier Thebeshas confirmed during his participation this Monday in breakfasts of the Sports Press Association of Valladolid that in the next few days they will proceed to “denounce Paris Saint Germain –PSG-, as was done with Manchester City”.

Thebes has pointed out that consenting to operations such as renewal of Kylian Mbappe by the PSG “it’s outrageous” and “more dangerous than the Super League”, because “the French club is going to end the season with 600 million wage bills -40% of the entire Ligue 1-, and 200 million losses, to which You have to add another 300, for what cheats they are going to have to do, or paying outside the French environment, greatly fattening sponsorships, which already fatten them, or exceeding the level of losses that is already allowed.

Thebes has detailed that “with Messi, Neymar and MbappeLigue 1 entered 70 million, while The league entered 900″, because the growth of the competition, in his opinion, “is not achieved by signing stars”.

Hence The league continue with its complaint process, to avoid this advantage over other clubs such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which “is not ruined despite its problems”, as Florentino Pérez, president of the Madrid club, denounced, “as an excuse to convince other clubs that this was going to hell”, said Thebes.

Regarding this situation in Barcelona, ​​he has indicated that “they are working with reduced wages” and he trusts that they will do well, because as he has admitted, what is happening with Barça, at the media level “he does not like” and he considers that it is essential that it “be economically sustainable”.

To do this, they do not have to subscribe to the agreement with the CVC fund: “It is not necessary, they can sell assets, use audiovisual rights or other tools at their disposal,” he concluded.

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Tebas confirms LaLiga’s complaint to PSG in the coming days