Tato Noriega on Monterrey: “First the urgent, then the important and then the necessary”

In his presentation as sports director of Monterrey, Tato Noriega said that he will analyze changing positions or players and will talk with the coach

sports president of Monterey, Jose Antonio tattooNorwaypointed out that under his command at the club he will focus first “on what is urgent, then what is important and then what is necessary.”

“I don’t spend time thinking about the future, I think about today, because if I spend time looking too far ahead, maybe something important is missing that I have to solve right now, I’ll try to focus first on what’s urgent, then what’s important and then what is necessary.

“I will try to be punctual in these aspects that help the team improve, because it is very well structured, solid, strong and with them we get closer to the first achievement that is having a good preseason, starting the tournament well, qualifying, step by step, because if we start running before jogging and jogging before walking we can stumble. I do not launch the bells on the fly and we are going to look for objectives little by little in the short term and then in the medium ”, he expressed.

Jose Antonio tattooNorwaywho was officially presented as the new sports president to replace Duilio Davino, said that the goal will be to maintain the leading role in Mexican soccer and have relevant achievements, but he ruled out feeling pressure.

“I feel responsibility, I find enough elements to do a good job, a great squad, infrastructure, experienced coaching staff, who have an identity, a winner, we have to get closer to the goal, we want to win, it doesn’t overwhelm me, it doesn’t pressure me to think that we have to meet objectives and that people are happy, it’s the best.

“We have to be clear that Bayern Munich has won its League for 10 tournaments but they would like the Champions League and they don’t win it and Real Madrid wins the Champions League but little in La Liga, no one in the world wins everything, what is true is that the big teams, and Monterrey is one, they have to be protagonists, scratching that and winning titles,, we are going to get to work and add what is needed to achieve the goal, “he said.

Norway He assured that for now he will focus on analyzing everything in Montereyin his opinion it is premature to talk about possible changes both at a managerial or sports level, but from his point of view there is little that should be fine-tuned.

Regarding Rayadas, he asserted that of course they will fight because it continues to grow within the Liga MX Femenil and even revealed that the club has the objective of appointing a person who is in charge only of that project.

Jose Gonzalez Ornelaspresident of the club’s Board of Directors who led the official presentation, highlighted the work that Noriega has had in his career and was confident that he will have a good performance as sports president.

“He was an example as a player on and off the field, he has experience in management. team sports, although later he changed his course in soccer. He had years as a soccer analyst participating in television networks, but during the last years he has been preparing himself to take on a responsibility like this”, he indicated.

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Tato Noriega on Monterrey: “First the urgent, then the important and then the necessary”