Surprising revelations by Fabián Coito: he speaks that he was threatened and that Honduras is a ‘very violent’ country – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Fabián Coito Machado, former coach of the Honduras National Team, spoke again this Friday about his time in the Bicolor where he left a bitter taste and explained in detail his experience. He does not want to return to direct minor teams and revealed in a radio from your country that he received threats in his last days in the country.

Coito did not say whether they were death or other threats. There was also talk that the country is violent and that the press conferences showed the tension. The helmsman explains that some journalists insulted him on social networks and even messed with his salary.


It makes clear many realities such as for example that there are no reserve tournaments, when it came there was no second division after the pandamia. He explained that the salary was lowered and that the threats received led to his removal from the position, but he did not explain that he could only make three points out of 18 possible in the Concacaf octagonal.

THE DAY YOU FEEL IT WAS THE END: “The result of Jamaica was decisive for the final decision. There are a lot of factors of course, but without a doubt it was the result of certain situations that we did not reach the Eliminatory with the players at their best level. We had to win the game with Jamaica, it is reality. And then other situations generated by the environment. The general feeling of the people, journalism, a lot of nervousness. The truth is that I imagined that the decision could come ”.

Coach Fabián Coito this Friday present on the Uruguayan radio Spor890 where he spoke about his time with the Honduras National Team.

THE REALITIES THAT HONDURAS LIVES: “This means that it is in a change, but, and it is not an excuse, the pandemic hit us a lot. The pandemic hit poor economies hard. He split the Honduran league in the middle, there are no youths, there is no Second Division. And then they started with my salary, that the country needed my money, what I was doing in my country when I had to stay here because I couldn’t travel due to the pandemic. I gave up a lot of money, the Federation raised it with me and I said correct, I agree “

COLLABORATED DURING THE HURRICANES: “The pandemic ended, the hurricanes came, players who lost everything and I collaborated with three institutions because I feel that way. I never commented on it in Honduras because I don’t go out on twitter. So I said, how can I help? I cannot go to carry bags because it would be a smoke seller ”.

THREATS AND THEY CALLED HIM SON OF PUT …: “A media war began to come and there is great impunity for saying anything. Communicators who insulted me on the networks. For example: hdp intercourse. Undoubtedly, all this influenced the decision of the Federation. It is a violent country, very violent, so we received threats ”.

THE BATTLE WITH THE JOURNALISTS: “It was harsh in the lectures because they misinterpreted the answers. I said it with a constructive spirit and in the best of senses. When I said that you could not comment on the selection based only on the result and that when someone wins it is good and when it loses it is bad, that they had to analyze, talk about the context, because then any journalist would be like that, they misinterpreted it. They interpreted it as saying that a journalist is anyone. And in no way did I say that, but rather that you had to have elements to analyze ”.

NO LONGER WANTS TO DIRECT MINORS: “They have told me about taking charge of some youth teams, now in this short period in which I returned, but I would like to continue at a higher level. They told me about some Conmebol federations, not Uruguay. My goal is to continue in seniors, not to go back to youth, I consider that for now it is a closed stage ”.


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Surprising revelations by Fabián Coito: he speaks that he was threatened and that Honduras is a ‘very violent’ country – Diez – Diario Deportivo