Suffered: Jaguares defeated Millonarios with ‘ex-Santa Fe tactic’

On matchday 11 of the BetPlay 2021-II League, Millonarios, with a great sporting present, visited Jaguares in the Jaraguay de Montería. Duel that in recent times has cost the citizens of the capital.

The duel started fairly even. The homeowners tried to impose conditions, but the visit did not back down, despite the high temperature, and sought to propose from the game on the wings.

At 12 minutes, Jaguares showed the opponent’s defensive fragility and almost opened the account with a header from Pablo Rojas that Christian Vargas controlled in two halves.

With the passage of time, the offensive intentions of both squads declined and the fight in the middle prevailed. Rubbing, fouling, dispute, physical fight …

About half an hour into the game, the blue opened the account (27 ‘). Brilliant filtered pass of Juan Pablo Vargas from the bottom and Emerson Rodríguez was completely alone to define at pleasure against Pablo Mina. The line immediately marked offside by a supposed contact of Mackalister Silva, before the squad received. From the VAR they reviewed, it took several minutes and ended up validating the goal.

The people from the capital seemed to have control of the game, but the defensive deconcentration was taken advantage of by the locals. He warned at the start of the game, specified in the closing.

The ambassador defense went wrong after a corner kick and Yulián Anchico, ex-Santa Fe, took advantage (38 ‘). He controlled in total solitude, with a hitch he left goalkeeper Vargas watered and with his left leg he put the equality in Jaraguay.

And before the first part was over, the comeback came. Wilder Guisao won the 1vs1 with great ease over Elvis Perlaza through the right sector, he won the bottom line and sent a pass back that Sebastián Salazar, another former cardinal, capitalized on.

The second part began with several changes from Millos. Alberto Gamero sent Harrison Mojica to the field (instead of Perlaza, booked) to occupy the creative position, Mackalister fell back to the front row of flyers and Stiven Vega was left as a left back.

Now, there was nothing for a solution. At minute 58, and without much presence in the half due to Vega’s loss, the homeowners spun a great collective play that ended with a powerful shot from Eduardo Sosa that adjusted to Vargas’ left post. The blue-white reaction came immediately. Uribe pivoted in a great way to the edge of the area and a brilliant assist came out for Mojica who came in from behind and shot Mina. 3-2, and total excitement.

But once again the defensive errors crucified the actions of Alberto Gamero and his team (73 ‘). Mina’s very long kick that seemed to reach the ambassador goal, which is why the central defenders of Millonarios waited for goalkeeper Vargas to leave, but the ball made an odd after bouncing on the grass and Maicol Balanta, third ex-Santa Fe, with a header He did not forgive the indecision of his rivals.

From then on, the roles were clear: the loser went all out to find even the discount, the winner held on and waited to counterattack.

And individual talent was not lacking, on both sides of course. Ruíz invented a wonderful play on the right. He threw a hat to avoid his rival, with a gamete he eluded the second and almost without an angle he defined the first suit, but between Mina and the stick they saved Jaguares. Later, Sosa, in a counter, made the play of his life. He beat Llinás in speed on the left, eluded Cargas and then dribbled the Bogota defender again. He did the most difficult, but when he defined he sent it very far from the arc.

Five minutes from the end (85 ‘), Millos’s hope was reborn. Daniel Giraldo filtered a spectacular pass for Felipe Román who controlled inside the area and with a subtle touch discounted. 3-4 and unmissable final.

To complete it, at minute 90, from the VAR they called the referee Roldán for a very hard blow from Rojas on the young Ruíz. Before reviewing it, it was a warning for the Jaguares captain, but everything ended in a direct red.

The visit tried by all means, at the point of self-love, but the marker did not move. Jaguares suffered a victory with goals from three ex-Santa Fe to return to the group of eight with 17 units. Millionaires remains in the second box with 22 points.