Strange field invasion of a fan in Portugal: he kicked the players of his own team

The strange moment left the footballers of both clubs confused

What happened in Portugal left all the spectators present in the stadium disconcerted Afonso Henriques from Guimaraes. A fan entered the playing field this Sunday in the game between Victoria and the FC Porto, corresponding to day 29 of the Portuguese First League, and drew attention for his actions in front of the players.

The supporter appeared on the field in the 94th minute when the game was stopped and the protagonists were concentrated near the area near the local substitute bench. The mysterious invader walked quickly towards Rochinhathreatened to give him a hug when he saw that the footballer opened his arms and then he managed to kick him. He then headed towards Geny Catamo Y also sought to hit the striker.

A great tumult was generated within the playing field and they began to separate those involved in the conflict. One of the first to appear to end the awkward situation was Peppa, the coach of Vitória. After the incident, there was some confusion around the fan, who he was taken off the field of play by officers from the private security company linked to party organization.

Rochinha and the fanatic were face to face and threatened to hug each other

Andre Almeida spoke on behalf of the squad and commented on the situation of the fanatic who invaded the pitch and tried to attack some Vitória de Guimarães players. “I was surprised, I don’t want to say too much because I’m not sure what happened. I found it very strange, but it was not right”he explained about it.

The local coach also gave his opinion on the subject: “I had never seen something like this and my reaction was instinctive. I entered the field quickly to try to separate, it was natural. We can’t confuse the tremendous support we had with a dissatisfied fan coming in to harass the team.” After the interruption of the game, Vitória could not recover from the disadvantage and fell 0-1 against Porto to stay in sixth position in the championship, while the visitors headed towards the Portuguese title.

Meanwhile, the blue dragons broke an emblematic brand that defended the benfica and with 57 games they reached the longest streak of consecutive games without losing in the entire history of the competition. With 79 points and six points behind his pursuer Sporting de Lisboa, They are already caressing their 30th title.


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Strange field invasion of a fan in Portugal: he kicked the players of his own team