Sprint by Marcos Alonso

Xavi insisted in the press conference after the game against the Vallecano Ray in which more signings are needed. The coach of bara he’s happy with the template he has, but wants a little more. Specifically, he has let the sports management know that reinforcing the full-backs is a vital issue for the team to achieve something this season.

In the first match of the season it was possible to see that the bara It has a problem on both sides. He is already intuited during the preseason, but nothing like real fire to know the real situation of the team. The solution of Ronald Araujo As a right back, it should not become the usual resource, seen what has been seen. It is valid as a resource, but not as usual.

On the left wing, Jordi Alba is still far from his best version. the of L’Hospitalet he always ends up being one of the best players in the squad season after season, but against Rayo he was far from what is usual.

That’s why Xavi asks for more and that’s where the figure of Mark Alonso. The club already has the approval of the player. There is agreement. The Chelsea is also willing to let it out. Now it remains to close the operation once and for all.

Tuchel: “Marcos Alonso has asked to leave, he wants to do it and the club has accepted it”

The intention of bara is to be able to finalize it this week, but that goes through two issues: guaranteeing the winger his registration and closing the agreement definitively with the Chelsea.

Although the English club has shown interest in some players from the baraWhat destination Y DeJongthe bara it does not seem for the work of including them in the operation. He understands that the figures with which the Chelsea values ​​them are far from the own evaluation that the bara.

Thus, the Catalans hope to close the signing of Mark Alonso as a transfer pure and simple. They do not expect problems with the figure, since Tuchel He has already opened the door to the Spanish side.

As for the ability to sign up the player, that’s something the bara also hope to fix this week. Not only for Alonso, but for being able to count on Kound on Sunday in Anoeta.

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Sprint by Marcos Alonso