Sparks fly between Tebas and Laporta: “Now you are worried about future LaLiga income that you thought was dead”

1628305091 Sparks fly between Tebas and Laporta Now you are worried


08/06/2021 –

Lat the wheel of the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, in which he explained the goodbye of Messi After the completion of the negotiations with the Argentine, it has elicited multiple reactions around the world.

One of them, specifically one of those “alluded to” by Laporta’s explanations, has arrived in the form of a tweet. The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, was ugly to have used as an excuse for this outcome in Operation Messi, his rejection of the agreement with the CVC fund that offers to inject 2,700 million euros into LaLiga. “You know that the CVC operation does not mortgage the TV rights of Barcelona for 50 years, what it does is that they have more value so that you can solve your great debt,” he said.

Sparks fly between Tebas and Laporta Now you are worried

“That’s how you understood it hours ago,” said the LaLiga president, implying that Laporta he agreed with the arrival of CVC, but a few hours later, the pressure made him change his mind.

The truth is that, with or without CVC, Joan Laporta I had been saying and insisting for months that they would be able to renew Messi And now, the main reason given for the Argentine’s goodbye is the impossibility of accepting an agreement that did not even exist when the maximum Barça president promised to renew the player.

Response from Laporta

The president, as soon as he learned the content of the tweet from Thebes, has had no problems responding in appearance plan: “” Hello, Javier. I will tell you that we do not interpret it that way. In fact, yesterday our senior executives spoke with those who run this operation and they have not given us satisfactory answers. I understand the legal formulas that you articulate, because they are ingenious, but this implies giving up a part of our rights with a horizon of half a century. In addition, I would tell you that the amount set by CVC is much lower than what, for us, the 10% of LaLiga should be valued. With all my love, I have already answered you “.

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And another answer: weren’t we broke?

Javier Tebas has not wanted to leave it there and has once again confronted Laporta with statements maintained to support the Superliga project that they share with their strategic partner in this matter, Real Madrid. “You recently said that we were broke. Now that we are valued at 24,250 million and there is access to partners to grow, are you worried about the future income of LaLiga that you gave up for dead? It shows that you were wrong. It seems that we are going to see the young people “.