Spanish press affirms that Luis Abram, reinforcement of Cruz Azul, was “weighed by high expectations” in Granada

Reporters who cover the day-to-day of the rojiblanco team analyze the reasons why the Peruvian defender did not consolidate in Spain

louis abramPeruvian defender of grenade of the First Division of Spain and who arrives on loan for six months to the Blue Crossdid not end up ‘filling the eye’ to Robert Morenowho went to the technical assistant of the Spanish National Team and later, interim coach of the national representative, when Luis Enrique had to leave.

Robert Moreno I expected other qualities of louis abramin particular that he came out playing the ball and that he was in accordance with the demands of the Spanish League, according to what was stated by journalists who cover the day after day of the grenadewho interviewed by ESPN Digitall, they scrutinized the type of game of the brand new reinforcement of the cement workers.

The 25-year-old defender, who has a community passport, joined the grenade in the summer, coming from Vélez Sarsfield in Argentina, and in the end he ended up participating in eight LaLiga Santander games, as well as two in the Copa del Rey, in which he added 648 minutes.


Antonio Navarro, journalist from the Local IDEAL Newspaperpointed out: “Luis Abram in Granada has proven to be a disciplined player, who positions himself well and who is not bad with his technique, although he has lacked a little more speed and forcefulness, both in the cut and in the exit of the ball, to be able to succeed in a League as demanding as the Spanish one”.

He said: “I think that the growth of a player from the academy in whom you have a lot of faith, Raúl Torrente, also deprived him of many minutes and that is why he changed to grenade for him Blue Cross“.


For his part, Sergio Yepes, a journalist for the page COACHES Soccer Spain and freelance for other media in Granada, stated that “Abram has been weighed down by the high expectations that have been created with his signing, because at the time, Granada’s board of directors ‘sold’ him as an ‘international Peruvian soccer player’, but I since Last November I published that the club wanted to release him”.

“He is a tall player, with physical power. It has been difficult for him to adapt to the game that Robert Moreno has proposed. We must not forget that this coach was second to Luis Enrique and that he is very steeped in the culture of Barcelona. So, Robert Moreno he likes that the players come out playing from behind already abram that cost him”

He added: “The coach lost a lot of confidence in him, he was not convinced, although he is a professionally impeccable player. I have not known, at all, a lack of discipline from louis abram, but it didn’t fit in with Robert Moreno’s game proposal… Perhaps it would have been better for Abram to take out the goalkeeper’s bow and enter the melee with the rivals. In the balls at the foot, he created some ‘fire’, but I tell you, the announcement of his signing was not successful “.

He held to conclude: “grenade It has come out of a glorious stage and they are like self-conscious, because today it changed, not of owners, but of managers. So, as all the players have been presented with high expectations and with such a presentation, it is thought that he is a great defender, and the truth is, it is not that he is bad, but he is not what he was said to be.” .


Peter Laura, from Zero Wavetold this portal: “He doesn’t seem like a bad footballer to me; perhaps he is a player who has been a little insecure here when he comes out with the ball, but look, he has a good quality: he joins the attack well and scores goals. In fact, here there have been some goal attempts with a header to the post and such”.

“As a defender, he’s not bad. Maybe he has to polish some mistakes, but in terms of professionalism and others, I haven’t had a bad reference. He seems like a correct professional to me… Of course, it’s clear that the coach has been I didn’t count on him, I don’t know why… The player had some mistakes and such, but others also had them and they are there”.

“Here he played little because, moreover, the position was taken from him by a player from the quarry in whom the coach believed: Raúl Torrente, who has played all the games. abram played in the initial stage, when the grenade I was wrong, I was down on the table… louis abram he made some mistakes, but in my opinion, he was overly punished. In the end he did not count for the technician and he decided that he should leave, “he concluded.

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Spanish press affirms that Luis Abram, reinforcement of Cruz Azul, was “weighed by high expectations” in Granada