Sources: America will turn to FIFA for indebtedness from Independiente in Silvio Romero and Cecilio Domínguez cases

Sources close to America revealed that the Azulcrema directive is analyzing escalating the issue of debt by both players with the governing body of soccer

MEXICO – The novel between Independent and America for the debit of the passes of Silvio Romero and Cecilio Dominguez It is far from over due to the fact that the Argentine team has not met the payment terms stipulated to settle the debts for the players.

Faced with this situation, Coapa’s cadre analyzes resorting to FIFA to request a sanction against the Red Devils.

Sources commented to ESPN that this week the deadline to settle one of the quotas that those of Avellaneda must cover due to the pass of the former Americanists expires. Nevertheless, America has not received the payment and they want to escalate the conflict to the governing body of soccer so that it forces them to pay or, failing that, imposes a sanction on the South Americans for non-compliance.

The same source pointed out that the hierarchs of the Eagles they are preparing the complaint to take it to FIFA and not stand idly by in the face of the informality of the Argentines. It is a reality that this situation has annoying the directive of the America because more than three years have passed since the departure of the players and even Cecilio no longer even plays with Independiente.

The Paraguayan has almost a year since he was sold to the Austin FC of the MLS, and even so, Independiente has not covered its debt.

For now, the Americanists focus on the sporting plane in which this Wednesday they will face the Philadelphia Union in the second leg of the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.