Son of Christian Chucho Benítez ‘dreams’ to continue with the legacy and ‘be like his father’ | Football | sports

Playing for América, Benítez played a total of 79 games in which he scored 52 goals and registered 15 assists. In addition, he was a three-time scoring champion.

The name of Christian Benítez is written in the history of Ecuadorian soccer and he will be remembered as one of the most powerful forwards, scorers and resourceful people who was born in Ecuador. Despite his early departure, that tragic July 29, 2013, at 27 years of age, is remembered by all and now it is his son who ‘dreams’ of continuing that legacy.

Cristiano, his son, was very young when death surprised his father in Doha (Qatar), however, he has football in his veins and is currently growing with the motivation and desire to become a legend of Mexican America, as like his father did.

El Chucho is considered one of the greatest references in the history of the America of Mexico, one of the most representative paintings of that country. Wearing the Eagles jersey, Benítez achieved a three-time scoring championship and was part of the Clausura 2013 tournament title. He is also one of the top historical shooters of the Ecuadorian team with 24 goals in 61 games.

“His dream is to be like his father and he is on the right track,” said his grandfather Cléber Chalá, a historic Ecuadorian soccer player who was part of the team that reached the first tricolor classification for a World Cup.

The newspaper Record from Mexico commented that Cristiano was enrolled in the football school of America and in a short time he has begun to dazzle to the point of having received an opportunity in the Basic Forces of the Eagles with just 12 years of age. With the mythical number 11 on his back, he hopes to continue his father’s dynasty.

“Yes it looks like it’s going to be taller than Mutt. The truth is that it has very good conditions, and on the top and with the feet it is very good ”, indicated his relatives.

Cristiano Benítez in Coapa. Photo: Jonatan Peña / Record

Playing for América, Benítez played a total of 79 games in which he scored 52 goals and registered 15 assists. His first team in Mexican soccer was Santos Laguna, where he was also a figure. With the Warriors he played 110 matches and scored 58 goals, his assists average was also good: he provided 25.

The death of Christian Benítez, still in uncertainty

Little more than eight years have passed since the death of the Ecuadorian in Doha, “his death is still not understood by some of his relatives, who do not remove their finger from the line in the exhumation of the body to clarify things,” he said. Record.

In principle, peritonitis was mentioned as the cause of death due to medical negligence in the hospital; however, later there was talk of a congenital heart condition when his body was returned to Ecuador. Although his brother Ronnie does not trust these assertions.

“We are working on it (about the exhumation), waiting for them to notify us,” the consanguinee told the Mexican newspaper.

“When Mutt died supposedly was due to peritonitis, later when he reaches Ecuador and apparently a second autopsy is carried out, they say that he had a heart problem. A year goes by and I learned that he had not arrived with his guts and I thought that he had been killed or poisoned then, “he added.

Finally, he asserted that both his father and he “have the same thought and are the most interested in knowing what really happened”, since “they said first one thing and then another.” (D)