Solksjaer and the Cristiano Strait

LOS ANGELES – Popular wisdom often popularizes curses. “Second parts never was good”. But, it emerged when it was most needed, where it was least expected, but always when it was needed most.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Heaven of the Red Devils, to the Theater of Dreams, where, apparently, he left pending vigils. He made the first two goals that tied the victory: Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle. Later, the ornaments of Bruno fernandes and Jesse lingard.

The first fell and the entire rostrum snorted before himself: “Yesuuuuuuu!”. Two sharp letters made a low roar of choir and celebration. That now legendary festive snake whistle. “It was born that way, naturally, because I felt it, because the best things are born that way, naturally,” he once explained. CR7 to DAZN.

That, the first, reveals the poacher, stalking. His instinct standing on tiptoe, watching the play, placing him behind the backs of the defenders, awaiting the slip of the victim. Reject the archer Freddie woodman, and the timely toe of Christian. 1-0.

The second is a detachment of Luke shaw, a perfect deep line. As usual, CR7 and the Olympic motto: “faster, higher and stronger”. He brushes the ball, sorry, to make everyone feel more comfortable, the ball, his own body, and leave his hound a meter behind. Woodman I knew it was in history. The return of The bug victimized him twice for a single eternity.

* * *

There were doubts about his arrival in Manchester. Where? With who? How? When? Why? So that? By whom?

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer he was the only quiet man in all of Manchester. The rest of that universe was sweating. The coach would reveal that he had slept peacefully the night before the game with Newcastle. Doubts had nightmares by their side.

Understandable in a Norwegian who saw from the cradle how the Sun suffers from insomnia. The star goes to bed at midnight and gets up a second later. “The night was approaching again, the sun had barely submerged in the sea and rose again, red, refreshed, as if it had gone to drink,” he wrote Knut Hamsun in his work Bread.

Since the rumor became news, around the arrival of the Portuguese gunner, Solksjaer I had already put the puzzle together. Where others saw a riddle, he already had the answer. What did i need to know about Christian that I didn’t already know?

Wow, if even the technician Manchester UnitedBy one of those mischievous fates, he was born in the Cristiano Strait, a town in northwestern Norway: Kristiansund, where he was destined to be one of the then 17,000 inhabitants dedicated to the commercialization of cod.

AND Solksjaer backlit Cristiano Ronaldo in its flourishing stage with the Red devils. He watched it from the bench, from the stands, and of course, on the court, shoulder to shoulder, for more than 40 games. And of course hundreds of trainings.

It could have been more, it should have been more interactions on the court, but a bumpy career, with injuries, took hold of the Norwegian, who became the player with the most goals coming from the bench, in the history of the club. SolksjaerFor 11 years, he scored 29 of his 126 goals in relief.

Therefore, without knowing that someone born in the Strait of Cristiano (Kristiansund) would ever have the opportunity to lead the Portuguese, he was able to observe it from all perspectives, from all angles, from all its manifestations. In the locker room, on the court, from the languor of the bench and the ostracism of the rostrum.

Therefore, the reasoning fits perfectly: Who can know better Cristiano Ronaldo that the same Ole Gunnar Solksjaer?

Therefore, the epiphany of Christian between the Red Devils, arrived on Saturday, before Newcastle, and for that reason, the Norwegian coach was able to sleep as he never could in the eternal days in his native Kristiansund.

* * *

While Solksjaer snoring, Steve BruceRigorous defense in his time as a player, he tried to build a trench capable of containing a powerful attack, with a new nuclear warhead in his attacks.

And it was not only Cristiano Ronaldo, but, it was, especially Cristiano Ronaldo. The artifact was armed, but those cursed ones from the Manchester United they had to go for the deadliest of weapons available on the market.

He chose a double dial per zone. That required tremendous attention from his players, not just from his defenders, but from the entire team. They not only had to follow the action and actions of the team, but also form spontaneous, improvised, emerging societies.

It was a different contingency plan every second for the campus of the Newcastle. It couldn’t be perfect 90 minutes. No footballer is capable of bearing such a burden: analyzing the opponent, being the hound of a player who never stood still on the field, and on top of that he had to improvise with the closest partner to mark that predator. It was like dancing tango with two left feet.

There was one more aggravating factor: the guy in question is capable of rebuilding. Cristiano Ronaldo he soon read the plan orchestrated against him. And he left the area. In full thrusts of his team, he circulated in three quarters of the court. The prey had jumped off the hunting line.

That generated uncertainty, deconcentration. Who should follow Christian towards those lands, when they appeared with very similar explosiveness, the restless, happy and terrible Mason Greenwood, Bruno fernandes, Paul pogba and Jadon sancho?

The perfect technician’s blackboard Steve Bruce shattered, before the improvisations of CR7, who was dragging a couple of players and opening plains ahead.

It was evident that there were still aphonias and disharmonies among the players of the Manchester United. Suddenly, Cristiano Ronaldo He was no longer in the area, but by his side, inviting him to enter there Greenwood or Sancho or Pogba or Fernandes, leaving as a reference discovered Saint-Maximin.

2-1, both with their signature of “Yesuuuuuu!”, And he did not stop moving. And yes, the bewilderment was not only from the rival, but from his teammates. Suddenly, the reference as second in the area, became one more partner, who gave him the courtesy of taking his place in the area, while he had already cleaned the entrance gate.

Christian confirmed that he was not the only one who was wrong at Juve, but rather at the Juve they were wrong along with him. There was no need for them to play for him, only for them to agree to play with him.

Other types of synods will come. This Tuesday the Young Boys await you in the Champions League, and then two appointments against West Ham, one in the League and another in the Cup. And, yes, the confrontation that you await will be on November 6, at the Manchester Derby and the Citizens from Pep Guardiola.

For now, it seems that he was right Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. What did i need to know about Cristiano Ronaldo that I didn’t already know? The native of the Cristiano Strait, sees a wide horizon of eternal sunrises, but placid nights.