Sevilla seeks to unblock the signing of ‘Tecatito’ Corona with Porto and Twente

The percentage that Twente has on the rights of ‘Tecatito’ Corona is one of the obstacles for the arrival of the Mexican to Sevilla

Although Jesus Manuel Corona came out of Twente more than six years ago, a percentage of the international pass of the ‘Tecatito’ that belongs to the Dutch club has become one of the main obstacles for the arrival of the Mexican team to Sevilla.

The Andalusian club, at the request of coach Julen Lopetegui and through sports director Ramón Rodríguez ‘Monchi’, has entered into negotiations with Porto, a club that bought the Mexican national team in 2015 and that, given the difficult financial situation in the Portuguese League derived from Covid-19, is willing to part with one of its top figures this summer.

However, sources familiar with the negotiation have told ESPN that Seville expects to pay 13 million euros (15.2 million USD) for 100 percent of Corona’s pass., while Porto hopes to retain that amount in exchange for 66.6 percent of the player’s value, as the remaining 33.4 percent belongs to Twente since the operation between the Dutch and Portuguese club to transfer to “Tecatito” in 2015.

In this scenario, Seville would have to pay another 6.5 million euros (7.6 million USD) to Twente, an amount that the Andalusian club is not willing to pay, the same sources have communicated to ESPN.

The negotiation of the economic part between the three teams, Sevilla, Porto and Twente is what is stopping so far the possible arrival of the 28-year-old Mexican player to the Spanish LaLiga club, while in the Iberian country the Andalusian media speak of the great interest that Lopetegui has in having the “Tecatito” as soon as possible.

Sources added to ESPN that the Sevillian team would have no problem offering a three-year contract to Jesús Manuel Corona. and, in addition to their salary, defer between now and June 2024 the corresponding percentage of the operation for the footballer and his representative.

“Jesus wants to go to Seville, he has already accepted the conditions and the economic proposal of the club, but the amount that the (Spanish) team will pay for his transfer to Porto and Twente has yet to be unlocked, which keeps a third of the letter of the player since 2015, “the informant told ESPN.

As long as there is no agreement between clubs, Sevilla will not formally present an offer to Porto and Twente to buy the entire international pass for Corona, and while its future is being defined, “Tecatito” has not played in the first two dates of the tournament. Primeira Liga of Portugal.