Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

Live score: Seattle Sounders 1-0 Pumas (aggregate score 3-2) | Final Concachampions 2022

Min 48 | Chispa Velarde takes a strong blow to the face and is almost knocked out on the field, he already warms up the entire UNAM bench for any eventuality.

Min 46 | The whistle starts the second half and the Pumas are 45 minutes away from the end of the Mexican domination in the Concachampions, although it is still in their hands to continue with it.

Minimum 45+3 | Pumas knows that they have to row from behind and they go forward but the 11 Seattle players are all in their field and do not allow the ball to reach the attackers.

Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

Min 45 | Goooooooooooooooooal from Seattle. Ral Ruidaz shoots in the center of the area and a deflection in the university defense sends the ball into the back of the net and the Sounders take advantage in the last breath of the first half.

Min 44 | The Pumas lose the clearest game of the game after a rebound from a set piece, where goalkeeper Frei shines with a great save and ends up saving his team.

Min. 42 | Those of the MLS cannot approach with too much danger and try with distant shots that have not put Alfredo Talavera’s goal in predicament.

Min 40 | The university team is still looking for a way to open up the Seattle defense, but the locals close in with everything behind and do not allow them to get close to Frei’s goal.

Min 37 | Seattle begins to seek to pressure the Pumas out and forces Talavera to look for the long ball.

Min 34 | Leo López becomes the second cautioned of the game after a strong stomp on Roldn in midfield.

Min 32 | The Pumas continue to insist on attack and Corozo loses a one-on-one against Frei when trying a lob shot that goes over the goal.

Min 28 | Dinenno receives the ball in the area, tries to turn around and shoots but the ball is covered by the defense and the Americans move away from the university danger.

Min 25 | Mior receives a foul by López and remains lying on the field, very sore in one of his knees and to see if it is not the second forced change for Seattle Sounders.

Min 22 | The Seattle team already owns the ball and now looks for the band but it is with an imprecise center that walks around the area without generating danger.

Min 20 | Ral Ruidaz is still the one looking for the local team and now he takes the ball, cuts and shoots with effect but Talavera runs the line of his goal well and keeps the Peruvian’s attempt.

Min. 19 | The Pumas try to open the scoring with a corner kick but goalkeeper Frei comes out very well and keeps the ball to prevent a university shot.

min 16 | Great center for the arrival of Ruidiaz but the Peruvian attacker finishes off without much force and goes into the hands of Alfredo Talavera, who keeps the ball without problems.

Min 14 | The Sounders are already trying to attack but Ral Ruidaz commits a foul in the area and the advance of the American team is cut off.

Min 11 | The said. Nouhou Tolo is unable to continue in the game and his place is taken by Kelyn Rowe. Hard blow for Seattle at the start of this key game.

Min 9 | Bad news for the local. Nouhou throws himself on the grass and it seems that he will not be able to continue in the game after the strong foul Galindo committed a few minutes ago.

Min 9 | Leo López and Mior have a tough clash in midfield and the whistler immediately asks for assistance to review both players.

Min 7 | Galindo commits a hard foul on Nouhou on the wing and becomes the first card of the game just in the first minutes of the game.

Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

Min 5 | The Mexican team is the one who wants to take the advantage at the beginning of the game but the Sounders get behind to prevent the arrivals from generating danger.

Min 3 | Juan Ignacio Dinenno is the one who looks for the first play in attack by the Pumas but Seattle sends him a double mark and steals the ball without difficulty.

Min 1 | ARRAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and the first to have the ball are the Pumas, who throw a long ball that does not find some attacker.

Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

Well, the ceremony before the kick-off has already begun and we are just a few minutes from the start of the game with everything and a DJ in the center of the court. GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Rayados, the last champion

The current champions of this tournament are the Rayados de Monterrey, who defeated America to go to the last Club World Cup, where they did not have a good performance.

Maximum Tala Concentration

Alfred Talavera, leader of these Pumas, went out to warm up a few minutes ago and did so with total concentration. to look for a new championship in his palms.

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The local weighs his house

It is well known to all that the Sounders fans are one of the loudest in all of Major League Soccer and so they arrive at the stadium, where they want to take the title of the Concachampions.

Pure elegance in the premises

In true NFL style, the Seattle Sounders players arrived wearing their best clothes at the stadium and we are getting closer to kickoff.

Confirmed alignment of the Pumas

Andrs Lillini already announces the starting eleven for this game and goes with: Talavera, Freire, Ortiz, Galindo, Velarde, Álvarez, Meritao, López, Dinenno, Corozo and Diogo.

Seattle Sounders lineup confirmed

The MLS team already reveals its starting eleven to play the championship and starts with: Frei, Arreaga, Tolo, Mior, Roldan, Ruidiaz, Lodeiro, Rusnak, Morris, Roldan, and Gomez.

Goyo, also present in Seattle

No one wants to miss this game in the United States and even Goyo, official mascot of the Pumas, is present in the vicinity of the stadium to mingle with the fans.

Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

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There is no advantage for anyone

Although the Pumas controlled much of the first leg against the Sounders, they ended up losing the 2-0 advantage they had over the hour and the series is tied at two goals per side

The dressing room is ready

We are a little over an hour before the start of the game and This is what the Pumas dressing room looks like, ready to receive all the players who will play for the cup tonight.

Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online

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At stake the hegemony of Mexico

Liga MX teams have dominated this tournament since 2005, curiously when the Pumas fell to Saprissa of Costa Rica, so today that hegemony is once again in the hands of the people of the capital.

Pumas fans make the trip

Despite the long distance between Mexico City and Seattle, the university fans are present in the United States to support their players in this crucial game.

Hello, very good evening and welcome. This Wednesday we have an appointment with history, because the UNAM Pumas face the Seattle Sounders in the Concacaf Champions League Grand Final.

The team of Andrs Lillini lives an intense week where the whole semester is played, first today against Major League Soccer and then this weekend in the playoff against Chivas.

The game starts at 9:00 p.m. from Seattle, Washington, and here we will tell you everything that happens before, during and after we meet the champion of the 2022 edition of the Concachampions.

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Seattle Sounders vs Pumas, live the final of the Concachampions 2022: live result online