Scandal in Norway: a club fired a footballer and sanctioned ten others for organizing a sex party in the stadium

A group of 12 Brann SK footballers participated in a sex party at the club's stadium (@sportsklubbenbrann)
A group of 12 Brann SK footballers participated in a sex party at the club’s stadium (@sportsklubbenbrann)

Norwegian football has been shocked in recent days after the sexual party starring a group of players from the Brann SK in the club stadium. The news became even more relevant after the institution decided to fire one of its soccer players, considering him the organizer of the incident, while another ten members of the team were sanctioned for having participated in the meeting.

It all happened on August 10 when 12 players from the team went out to dinner and then went to a nightclub. Later, They moved to the Brann SK stadium, where they staged an orgy with seven women. The security cameras of the property managed to capture the soccer players having sex on the playing field and also in the changing rooms.

The scandal quickly reached the ears of the team leaders, who decided to apply heavy sanctions to all those involved. Kristoffer barmen, who is 28 years old and who was in the club since he was ten, he was fired for having fulfilled a “key role” in the organization of the sex party. The player’s defense attorney published a statement in which he assures that his client has been surprised by this determination and that he feels that he has been “treated unfairly.”

Another of the players involved, the goalkeeper Mikkel adersenHe decided to leave the team and return to his native Denmark. This was due to the threats he and his family received after the incident became public. While Ten other members of the Brann SK squad, whose identities have not been disclosed, received internal punishments.

The fans booed the players when the scandal was uncovered (@sportsklubbenbrann)
The fans booed the players when the scandal was uncovered (@sportsklubbenbrann)

“The club has worked hard to get to the bottom of these breaches of trust on the part of 12 of our footballers,” the Norwegian club said in a statement in which it also referred to the “rumors and speculations” that had circulated since the last August 10. The internal investigation carried out by the entity determined that there was “non-compliance with respect to the lines of work, the general rules, the restrictions around the coronavirus and also in terms of the expected conduct on the part of the employees.”

Vibeke johannesen, General Manager of Brann SK, explained that, by virtue of all these issues, they made the decision to “fire one of our players and give severe written warnings to ten others.”

But the situation has become even more delicate when it is known that police authorities are investigating a possible sexual assault at the Norwegian club’s stadium within the framework of the aforementioned events. There is already a suspect whose identity has not been revealed.

In the last Brann SK game at home, the fans have repudiated the actions of their players with a loud boo on their way out onto the field of play. Currently, the team is last in the Norwegian League standings (it is in the relegation zone), with only ten points in 15 dates. However, in their last five games – taking into account all the competitions – they have not registered defeats and in the most recent duel they have achieved a 3-2 victory against Sandefjord.