Scaloni: ‘There is only one who has guaranteed ownership’

Lionel scaloni raised to Messi in the previous one of Argentina-Bolivia and remarked that only he has the “assured ownership”. Although the selection is classified, the 10 wants to play and will be the only one of the main formation that will do it. The DT also confirmed the presence of Sergio Agüero.

Although there is a clear base and seven or eight players almost always appear in the starting line-up, the genius is Argentina’s only starter. It is clear in the public wink of a Lionel for the other Lionel, from Scaloni in order to Messi: “In this selection there is only one player with guaranteed ownership and everyone already knows who he is” …

Messi it is the exception in every way. That is why he will be the only one of the eleven starters who will play against the eliminated Bolivia from two in the morning on Spanish Tuesday. It is a match that shows Argentina already classified in Group A of the Copa América and knowing that it would only be Brazil in the final. It is the key moment to rotate players and also not to expose six players who could not play in the quarterfinals if they receive another warning.

This time Scaloni He did not walk with mysteries, as had happened in the previous match against Paraguay, when Leo’s presence appeared shrouded in doubts. 72 hours after the tough classic with Uruguay, the coaching staff noticed that he was tired and did not want to risk it, but the captain’s usual desire to play weighed more.

Now Leo upstairs with a week off, very cool. There is no question. Own Scaloni announced who will be the 11 with Messi included. And he left some other phrase of the DT that serves to understand everything that Leo awakens in Argentina: “Everything about him is said. Adding more stuff is repetitive. It is a pride to have it. We are fully convinced that it makes a difference and will continue to make it. It will give us many more joys ”.

Also Scaloni confirmed that Sergio
Omen He will play from the start with Leo for the second time since he was a Barcelona player. Look for rhythm the Kun. Needs a bigger bang. Bolivia, with its frailties, seems like an ideal rival for you to unleash your fury.

Three other LaLiga players will make up the Argentine team from the start: Marcos Acuña, from Sevilla, will be the left back; Guido Rodríguez, from Betis, will repeat as central midfielder; and above, along with Messi and Agüero, will be Angel Correa, one of the champions of Atlético de Madrid.

The 11, then, will be: Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña; Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodríguez, Alejandro Gómez; Messi, Sergio Agüero and Angel Correa.

Before flying to Cuiabá, to the capital of the state of Matto
Grosso, Not only Scaloni in his exhibition in Ezeiza sweetened with words Messi. He was also optimistic: “We believe that we can give war to all teams and that we can reach the maximum possible.”

Thinking about that eventual final with the Brazilian team that everyone imagines, the Argentine coach made a big bet: “We are convinced that we can make a good game if we have to play with them. The last time they lost was with Argentina, a friendly in Arabia. I don’t know if Brazil is a step above the rest ”…