“Saprissa is the most successful and largest institution in Central America; the only one to attend a Club World Cup”


It seems that the controversies and the debate of who is the greatest Central America was uprooted by Juan Carlos Rojaspresident of Saprissaone of the most powerful clubs in football in our region.

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The Tico soccer manager appeared on El Marcador TV, a Panamanian television program since fidel escobarbrand new canalero signing of the purples assured that the Saprissa It was him real Madrid of Central America.

Before the consultations, Rojas did not miss a moment to begin to explain why the purple ‘S’ is the Central American giant. “Saprissa is the largest and most successful institution in Central America and that fills us with great pride,” he began by saying.

One of the program’s panelists asked him what he thinks about what other clubs like Olympia, Communications either FAS of El Salvador say that they are the most glorious of the Central American isthmus.

“I think they are all great teams, with a lot of history and very loyal fans, so I’m not going to speak ill of those teams, but Saprissa was the Concacaf team of the century, as was Real Madrid in Europe,” he said.

Then let go. “Saprissa is the team with the most titles at the national level, the one with the most titles in all of Central America, the team with the most Concacaf Champions League titles in Central America with three, we went to a Club World Cup, the only one to attend a World Cup of Clubs, and well, there are a series of themes throughout its history that make us that team to follow, that leading, innovative and great team”.

Saprissa attended the 2005 Club World Cupwhere he left the Concacaf good standing. The Costa Ricans finished as the best third in the competition only below the champion Sao Paulo (Brazil) and obviously second place Liverpool (England). The only club in Central America that played a tournament like that.

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“Saprissa is the most successful and largest institution in Central America; the only one to attend a Club World Cup”