Santos Laguna ‘rescues’ America again, reinforcing it with his figures

América confirmed the arrival of Diego Valdés, a case that reminds other figures of the lagoon team who arrived in the ranks of the Eagles

The arrival of Diego Valdes to the America was finalized, and before this, the player joins the list of elements that have reached the Eagles from the Saints, a team that has “contributed” to different elements and that have achieved transcendence with those of Coapa.

Given this, we present you the elements from the lagoon team that have shone with the shirt of the America.

Agustín Marchesín

The Argentine goalkeeper arrived at the Lagunero team for the Clausura 2015 as a reinforcement after his time with Lanús from Argentina, he gradually improved in his performance, monopolized the spotlight, and for the Clausura 2017 he reached the Coapa table, when it was valued at 3.18 million dollars , according to Transfermarkt.

Agustín Marchesín He stood out in his time with the Eagles, since he obtained the title in the Apertura 2018, in addition to winning the MX Cup and the Champion of Champions, both in 2019. His departure was for 2020, since he emigrated to Porto, with which he has already been crowned in the Primeira Liga.

Christian benitez

The now deceased forward is another of the elements with a lagoon background that were in Americaas it played with Saints for four years, from 2007 to 2011, when he emigrated to Birmingham in England on loan.

After passing through European football, Benítez returned to Mexican football to join the America With a cost of 9.08 million dollars, he became a benchmark in the attack and his performance allowed him to obtain three scoring titles that were in the Clausura 2012, Apertura 2012 and Clausura 2013.

Oribe Peralta

The Mexican attacker was in two stages with the Lagunero team, the longest was the second since it included from the Bicentennial to the Clausura 2014, where he became a benchmark up front.

After passing through the Torreón complex, Oribe Peralta arrived at America In the Apertura 2014, he was crowned with the team in that tournament when they beat Tigres in the final, and in the same way he obtained the title in the Apertura 2018. The cost of the transaction amounted to 8.28 million dollars, according to Tranfermarkt.

Vicente Matías Vuoso

The forward was added to the list of elements that was with the lagoons and later they arrived at the Eagles. The player highlighted with Saints by being crowned once in the league and obtaining two scoring titles, which were in the Clausura 2005 and Apertura 2005.

Matías Vuoso became a good element in Mexican soccer and for the Apertura 2006 he joined the America in a transaction that had an amount of 4.5 million dollars, it returned to Saints for the Clausura 2017, but he had a second stage with the capital team that went from the Apertura 2010 to the Clausura 2011 and had the opportunity to play the Copa Libertadores with the club, precisely in 2011.

Carlos Darwin Quintero

The player came to Mexican soccer to join Saints In 2009, he stood out for his performance with that team, with which he remained until the 2014 Apertura, to be transferred at the 2015 Clausura to America.

Carlos Darwin Quintero arrived at the capital team with a negotiation that amounted to 10.22 million dollars and was until 2018, he was crowned with the squad in the Concacaf Champions League in the 2015 and 2016 editions, with which he was added to the list of those who have arrived in the Eagles after being with Saints.

Other elements

In the passage of time, there have been more elements that have passed through Saints and then they have joined the America, among which is Jorge Sanchez, who currently has become a relevant defender for the team and this has earned him to be called up to the Mexican National Team.

Other players such as Fernando Ortiz, Edgar Castillo, Jose Maria Cardenas Y Osmar Mares.


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Santos Laguna ‘rescues’ America again, reinforcing it with his figures