Santiago Solari justified America’s approach against Pumas

The Argentine coach assured that it is a new tournament and all teams have the same chances, despite being the first against 11 in the regular phase

MEXICO — Santiago Solari, coach of the America, justified the approach of his team to the Cougars, a game in which the Eagles only fired twice at the university’s goal.

“In each game, it is a world and it cannot be compared, the game can change a lot, football is like that, when the margin of error is shortened, the time to change the result is shortened. It is a well-known subject ”, he commented Santiago Solari.

The Eagles barely made a presence in the Pumas arc, regardless of the fact that Santiago Solari’s team qualified in the first place of the table and the university students passed in eleventh place, after going through the repechage phase.

“The tournament starts back, the positions further, that the choice of fields, which changed the regulations, starts everything back, with the same possibilities for everyone,” he said. Solari.

The Eagles coach added that Cougars He “hit” a lot early in the game, which prevented them from developing a better game.

“They hit at the beginning, they wouldn’t let us play but that’s it, it’s part of the game. It was a very serious game on the part of both teams,” he said. Solari. “When the progressions are cut, it is normal for players and teams to get upset”

In addition to Solari He ruled out that it was a defensive game for his team and acknowledged that he has the responsibility of getting the pass at the Azteca stadium.

“I would not say that, it was a very serious game for both teams, this part of the tournament that is reopening is very good.”


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Santiago Solari justified America’s approach against Pumas