Santi Muñoz will perform physical conditioning with Newcastle

The Mexican forward seeks to get physically ready after joining Newcastle United’s Under-23 category training sessions

The Mexican striker, Santiago Munoz, will be in physical conditioning to be able to play with Newcastle of England, the team with which he signed and will be on loan for the next year and a half.

ESPN Digital learned that the striker has started training for a few days with the Under-23 category, which he arrived at as part of the negotiation that the magpies club had with the Santos team, the team that formed the national team with age limit.

The footballer has been in Europe for almost a month, but had to spend two weeks in quarantine in Spain due to the sanitary restrictions that the United Kingdom has with some countries and among which is Mexico.

The footballer boasted on Thursday his arrival to the Premier League team, in addition to the number 30 that he will use throughout the season and which ESPN Digital announced.

During the soccer player’s negotiations to reach the Old Continent, the Torreón team decided to separate him from the preseason he was doing with the first team and after not training for two days he was sent to the U-20 team.

The next match of the U23 Magpies will be this Friday against Middlesbrough, later they will have a break for the FIFA date and on October 11 they will face in a Premier League Cup match against Birmingham.

The last official game that Santiago Muñoz played was on May 31 in the final that Santos played against Cruz Azul and where he participated in 22 minutes.